GamePhrame is Reshaping Game Night

Game Phrame Review

We’ve seen a lot more families adopting family game night again over the past year and a half. We’ve had more time together than usual and sometimes just need a break from the day-to-day stresses. But while we adapt and adjust our family home life together – one thing hasn’t changed too much – the way we game. That is until we were introduced to GamePhrame. GamePhrame is an all-in-one game system that allows you to play up to 15 different games with one compact system, and that’s just the start of it.

Game Phrame Review

When you first open GamePhrame you’re going to understand how awesome this system actually is. It comes with slats and game boards built right into it, as well as the pieces in a cube form so you can easily switch up the game. It allows you to play chess, checkers, leave messages, scrabble-like games, tick tack toe, and even more just with the same pieces. It’s a compact design that can be packed to travel with you, be taken to the patio, brought to pay in bed, or even just laid out on the table for game night. But probably one of our favorite features – it can be hung on the wall for storage or active games that you can take your turn whenever you walk past.

Game Phrame Review

GamePhrame is made out of beautiful bamboo material, and the pieces are lightweight and easy to use. Each piece has painted on images, words, and even letters on the different sides and is easy to grab for small hands. You can change the gameplay up for your family or the age of the players as well. It really is a great adaptable game system that doesn’t require screen time – and will result in a lot of fun laughter and game time for your whole family.

But don’t think details on the games is all that GamePhrame considered, since the system is meant to be modular but also can be hung up, GamePhrame included built-in hanging hardware for you as well. Next to the hardware are rubber feet to keep the board level on the wall or on your table. They’ve really thought of every solution for the home gamer and to make game-night not only fun but one of the more enjoyable experiences you can have.

Game Phrame Review

You can pre-order your copy of GamePhrame now online or back them on Kickstarter. It’s a fun gaming system that will keep your family game night going all week long.


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