Funko Games Bring Movie Classics to Family Game Night

Funko Games Review

With more time at home with your family, this is the perfect year to start having your own family game night with those you love. And this year, Funko Games has released a ton of new games that are perfect for fans the holidays, major movie buffs and even easy to play games for kids.

The Haunted Mansion – Call of the Spirits Game

Funko Games Review

Fans of Disney and of the Haunted Mansion are going to absolutely love The Haunted Mansion Call of the Spirits game. From the details on the box that look like you’re inside the mansion, the the Hitchhiking Ghosts miniatures and a game that help you navigate through the mansion. This game has everything fans are going to love. Made with spectacular detail, you will see if you can make it through the game or if you are going to join the ranks of the 999 ghosts that already live in the mansion!

Enter your own game of Haunted Mansion Call of the Spirits


Funko Games Review

Would it be the holidays without Buddy the Elf? That movie has become such a part of the holiday tradition we were thrilled to see that Funko had a board game version and a card game available. With a board game that is shaped like a snowflake, and a goal to make it from the North Pole to New York City you’re going to love playing this fast paced game. And as an added bonus, you get an adorable Buddy the Elf figurine to move around the board much like the one in the movie!

Check out the different Elf games from Funko

Back to the Future

Funko Games Review

When Funko makes games about a movie they pay special attention to the details they pack into it. But so far, none have been as detailed or as great as their new Back to the Future board game. From including small character pieces and a tiny DeLorean car, to the board game that includes the clock tower building and a rule book that reads like a comic. The whole game is made to be retro and to fit perfectly into the movies time period, just as any fan of the movie franchise would want it to.

Grab Your Copy of Funko Back to the Future

Funko Verse Strategy Game

Funko Games Review

Funko Verse Strategy comes in many different shapes and themes now. But one thing it always includes is characters from the show it’s about, as well as unique game play for that movie or show. The Nightmare Before Christmas one is no different, you get four mid-sized Funko Figurines to move around the game that is mapped after the movie and special things like Oogie Boogie dice to help you play the game. The strategy and fun playing through your favorite movie is one that kids of all ages will love.

Get your Nightmare Before Christmas Funko Verse Strategy Game

Something Wild! Nightmare Before Christmas

Funko Games Review

Don’t have space for another board game but still want to bring some Nightmare Before Christmas gaming fun into the family. The Something Wild card game helps you combine the powers of the characters from the movie to win battles in this fast card game. As an added bonus, you get a small Jack Skellington included!

Go Wild with Something Wild Nightmare Before Christmas Card Game

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Funko Games Review

Another Christmas classic movie has been turned into a fun and quick game by Funko! National Lampoons Christmas Vacation Twinkling Lights Game will have you trading cards and trying to make a complete loop of lights to light up the Griswold house without any breaks or knots. With iconic cards inside and fun moments that will make you laugh, this card game is a fun stocking stuffer and game to play through the holidays.

String up those HOliday lights with National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

A Christmas Story

Funko Games Review

Don’t worry, you wont shoot your eye out with the A Christmas Story card game from Funko – but you will get your own mini leg lamp! Trade cards with your friends and family and see if you can get Ralphie what he really wants this holiday season. We double dog dare you to play it!

Get Ralphie his most wanted Christmas Gift in this A Christmas Story Card Game

Pop Tarts

Funko Games Review

Need a quick game to play with breakfast? Why not pop pen a box of Pop Tarts? Based off the favorite breakfast pastry – this game is a quick card game that will keep you laughing as you play along. See who can eat the most pop tarts and win all while eating the most important meal of the day!

Eat the most Pop Tarts and win this fun card game!

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