FunBites Product Review

FunBites – Product Review and Giveaway

Have a picky eater in your house? Maybe sometimes it’s the small things that will get them to change their mind and to eat something different! Let me introduce you to FunBites – a product created by a mom with a picky kid. It was the solution to her problem and getting her youngest daughter to eat healthy food – and it might just be yours!


First, there are two shapes of FunBites – “Cube it” and “Luv it”. You can choose to cute the food in heart shapes or cubes.

I was sent the “Cube It” FunBites to try. We’re lucky that my nephew loves his fruits and veggies. The problem we have is getting him to eat meat – if it’s not the occasional hot dog or chicken nuggets he doesn’t want to eat it. But give him fruits and veggies and he’ll steal them from you.


Before we move up to trying the FunBites on lunch meat sandwiches or PB&J’s we thought we would try it on something we know he will eat. FRUIT.

I cut a large slice out of a seedless watermelon and placed it on the cutting board. Then put the cutter part of the Cube It in through the watermelon. It was quick and smooth and with a little wiggling went in without too much force. The FunBites cut clear through the watermelon, and I removed the extra bits and put them on the plate with the other slices.


Next I took the inside of part of the FunBite and pushed it through the cutter part. What I as left with was perfect bite sized pieces of watermelon. No knifes, or measuring required. All pieces were the same size and kid friendly!

Enjoying Funbites

Well – the picture says it all! He gobbled it up! He even got mad at Grandpa for trying to eat some of his watermelon!

Not only is it fun for the kids, the adults loved it too! I may even try it on the big kid at home – maybe I’ll get him to eat his fruits and veggies too!

It’s easy to use, BPA Free, Dishwasher Upper Shelf safe, and made in the USA!

We’re going to have a lot of fun using the FunBites and plan on using it to get him to eat a larger variety of foods.

Where to Buy FunBites:
Use code MayFlowers for free shipping!!!

Find them on Facebook and Twitter!

17 thoughts on “FunBites – Product Review and Giveaway

  1. I would love to have one of these for my kids. I’d prefer the heart shape, but I’d take eithr one! Thanks for the chance!

  2. i posted the tweet but it was about the card cubby giveaway and the link was for funbites , thats the way it showed up

  3. Okay I have to say Kudos to the MOM that invented this. This would hve been good for when my kids were little. They are teenagers now but I bet they would still like the little bits

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