Fun Takes Off to New Heights with Circuit Explorer

Circuit Explorer Deluxe Base Station Set Review

Blast off to space with a fun STEM toy from Educational Insights. Circuit Explorer is a fun and interactive game that allows kids to not only learn how to make basic circuits work but have fun while doing it.

The Circuit Explorer Base Station set allows kids to not only build and create their own base station, but all of the vehicles needed to keep it operating. The set includes everything to create the lighting system and sounds as well – making their own interstellar Base Station. The set includes what they need to build their own Deluxe Base Station with Towers, Spinning Diner Sign, Planetarium with color-changing dome light, Voice Synthesizer Station with 10 space sounds, Communication Station with rotating Radar Dish, a Powered Space Rover and a freewheeling Space Rover both with light-up headlights. Also includes astronaut and robot figures for pretend play and stickers for customization. What it doesn’t include is the batteries to power it – which is actually 15 batteries!

What we do like about the Circuit Explorer sets is that the instructions are extremely kid friendly and easy to use. While the set is for ages 6 and up, the instructions are all laid out in pictures without words. Just match the pieces and any kid can build it. This makes the set much more accessible to children of different ages and reading levels. It may become one of their favorite sets to build, rebuild and use with imaginative play as they learn at the same time.

About Circuit Explorer:

Construction lay meets electrical engineering in this simple, snap together building system– powered by real circuits! Line up the circuitry graphics on the oversized pieces and snap them together to build a fully powered, large-scale, space-themed world including a Deluxe Base Station with Towers, Rotating Diner Sign, Planetarium with Color Changing Dome, Voice Synthesizer that includes 10 space sounds, Communication Station with rotating Radar Dish, and one fully-powered Space Rover and a free rolling Rover, both with Light up headlights. Or connect the pieces your way to make your own, out-of-this- world, light-up, space station! Then launch into hours of screen-free, pretend-play fun with six included astronauts and two robot figures.


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