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Fun Gift Idea for the Mason Jar Lover in Your Life: Blossom uCaps!

Blossom Ucap Review
We all know someone who loves mason jars, or… well, it might just be you. In our family I’m not the only one who loves using glass for just about everything, and I have stacks of jars waiting for my next canning adventure (that will have to be soon!) But they’re not just for crafts and canning recipes, they can be used in pretty much every day life from glasses or even flower arrangements.

Since they knew my love of all things glass and using it throughout the house, Harold Import Co. sent me some of the new Blossom uCaps to try out. They came out a couple years ago, and they help take your major jars past food storage, and into more functional uses.

Blossom Ucap Review

The uCap Can N Fun and Cap N Sip come in two sizes, standard (regular mouth) and Large mouth. They are made of food safe silicone that is dishwasher top shelf safe. They stretch over the mouth of your jar and fit securely while in use. They even have a cute little bow on the front in the design. But really the best part is they fix a couple problems that you may have just by using an open jar.

blossom u cap review

If you have a large mouth jar you may think it’s perfect to put your flowers in and create a beautiful display. I’ve seen several people do this and have the problem of keeping the flowers arranged properly, unless they over stuff the jar. To fix this, I’ve seen people run a grid of tape over the top, but that gets dirty and a bit annoying after a while. The Cap N Fun fixes that problem so effortlessly, it’s almost funny. The lid looks like a flower, like the Blossom name would indicate, but is a pierced design, allowing several places for you to put your flowers inside. Once you place your stems in your flowers stay in the same position and your arrangement is set. To change your water you can just peel the lid back some and pour out the old and add in the new water. A simple and easy to use solution and a great way to use your jars when you’re not using them for food.
blossom ucap review

blossom ucap review

The uCap Can N Sip is another fun solution, again it is stamped with the flower on top, but this time its sealed. It fits easily over the top of your regular mouth jar and has a pierced center perfect for a straw. This means you can take your drink outside and not worry about bugs flying in it (think about taking this camping!) or you can use it inside and don’t have as large of an opening in case it tips over.

Blossom uCaps are not only cute, but very useful tools. They can help that mason jar lover continue to use their favorite items for more than just crafts and canning. And for under $15 for a 4 pack, it’s cheaper than buying a set of pre-made faux mason jar glasses.

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