Fun Games For Your Family Picnic

Fun Games For Your Family Picnic

Fun games compliment any family summer picnic by adding elements of entertainment and laughter, as well as helping to make happy memories and provide great bonding opportunities. The light-hearted attitude which summer often induces combined with pleasant weather and time off school or work, and being surrounded by cooling and delicious food and drink is sure to create the right environment for the whole family to join in with the games, have fun and relax. This article highlights some fun game ideas which can be played by all members of the family during a summer picnic.

Board games

Board games are a convenient, interactive, portable and entertaining activity that can generate hours of engaging moments of fun and laughter. Some of the all-time family favorites include snakes and ladders, monopoly and scrabble among others. Though do feel free to look for any more recent and popular board games, or try some new ones out.


A game of volleyball is a fun yet competitive and simple activity to include all the family. Such a game fosters team spirit. To set up the game, all that’s needed is a level surface, a net and a soft ball with people ready to play. If you have competitive family members, you might also want to consider wearing protective gear like knee pads so that you don’t scrape yourself up while diving for the ball.It can be played on the grass, but the very best place to play the game is on the beach, as the softness of the sand is ideal for any falls and provides cushioning.


This is a classic guessing game often played by groups of friends and family, and more than always engages everyone present in an atmosphere of entertainment. The great thing about charades is it can be played anywhere and everywhere. Guessing games such as this are always stimulating and make a great family activity.


It’s amazing how much fun a small net (although not a must), a badminton racket and ball or shuttlecock can do to generate hours of enjoyment and entertainment. To get the whole family involved, simply play badminton as sets of doubles, or take turns.

Limbo contest

Not technically a game, but with some fun music and an ultimate winner, it can definitely turn into one. A limbo set can be bought, or as an innovative and resourceful alternative, find a suitable pole or rope that can be lowered as the limbo limit barrier.


A simple game of Frisbee tests the accuracy and catching skills of those waiting to catch it. All the family can join in the effort to catch, although if the dog comes long, there may be some tough competition, but there will certainly be lots of joy.

Water balloons or water pistol tag

For a cooling and fun-filled game in the sun, play a game of water balloon tag or use water pistols. The water will be especially refreshing, and who doesn’t like to play with water? Such a game presents an opportune time for the whole family to let their hair down, including moms and dads!


A simple croquet set will be needed, but such a game creates a competing mood of entertainment to compliment any picnic. It’s best played on a pavement setting or grassy field.

Families can further enjoy their summer picnics together with the addition of some fun games to provide entertainment and laughter. Pick out game ideas best suited to the family and get everyone involved. Such activities make great bonding opportunities and allow for quality time to be spent as a family.


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