Fun Facts & Clips from Finding Dory’s Power to the Octopuses #findingdory #findingdorybluray

octopus facts finding dory

octopus facts finding dory

We’ve always been fans of Dory, but I have to say that I fell in love with Hank when we saw Finding Dory. He’s grumpy and kind of reminds you of at least someone in your family. He Octopus was an amazing animation challenge for the artists at Pixar, but the result is nothing short of amazing. Disney and Pixar are sharing some fun facts about Hank and what it took to make him, plus a fun clip below!

Power to the Octopuses Clip:


  • LUCKY NUMBER SEVEN – When designers were working on Hank, the cantankerous octopus in “Finding Dory,” they created tapered tentacles for the cephalopod. The tentacles were modeled separately from the body, but when they tried to attach them, only seven would fit. Filmmakers later decided that it made sense that Hank would have an affliction, so they worked it into the script.
  • 350 suckers are found on Hank: 50 suckers on each of his seven arms.
  • 11,041 rigging prims were created just for Hank’s simulation (the average character requires around 20).
  • 118 weeks were required of the team of technical directors who were responsible for building and articulating Hank.
  •  22 weeks were spent shading Hank to give him extra texture and color, as well as making it possible for him to camouflage himself. (An average character takes less than eight weeks.)

Finding Dory will be released on Digital HD on October 25th and Blu-Ray and DVD on November 15th, preorder your copy now! Visit the official FINDING DORY websiteFacebookTwitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumbler.

More information about Finding Dory home release:

The summer blockbuster hit, Disney•Pixar’s Finding Dory, swims home just in time for the holidays on Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere (DMA) on Oct. 25 and on Blu-ray 3D™, Blu-ray, DVD and On-Demand on Nov. 15.Viewers can watch Dory’s hilarious and heartwarming quest to find her family and continue the underwater adventure with hours of immersive bonus features.

The film’s playful and plentiful bonus offerings include “Piper,” the theatrical short film starring an irresistible sandpiper hatchling; an all-new mini short featuring interviews with Dory’s pals from the Marine Life Institute; a behind-the-scenes look at the most challenging character Pixar has ever created; never-before-seen deleted scenes, including a digital exclusive featuring the Tank Gang from “Finding Nemo” who make it their mission to get Marlin and Nemo to the Marine Life Institute; and much, much more.



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