Full of Twists and Turns The Outfit Keeps You Guessing

The Outfit Movie Review

If you’re looking for a good mystery, some twists, turns and even a bit of old-time mob movie – The Outfit might just be the movie for you. Coming to theaters this weekend, The Outfit takes place inside the space of a tailor shop – where a mild-mannered cutter and his assistant are caught up in the middle of the making of a possible mob war. The tailor shop is also the front for a mob group that is only referred to as The Outfit, and when things go wrong for them, the cutter and his assistant seem swept up in possible deadly situations as (possibly) innocent bystanders. But is there more to the story?

Not everything is as it seems in The Outfit, and the movie is one that will actually that will make you question everyone and start to question everything they say. Is there a double-cross? A Triple cross? Pretty much right up until the end you’ll keep being surprised about who is involved and just how deep this plot actually goes.

It’s nice to see a movie that promises a mystery actually deliver. And viewers get a view of 40’s fashion and some amazing tailored garments and a spectacular performance from Mark Rylance. This role is much different than the ones we’ve seen him in the past, but his quiet demeanor makes him perfect for the role he took on.

The Outfit will be in theaters on March 18th. It’s a fun mix of old-time mobster movies with a thriller mixed into the equation. Fans of both genres will enjoy the film as it takes you through twists and turns as you go. While it does have a slower pace, The Outfit will keep your attention, and being a closed room set makes it even more interesting with very few set changes throughout the film. With a satisfying ending, The Outfit may be one of the few movies listed as a thriller lately that actually fits the genre well.

Overall Rating:

Four Star Review

About The Outfit:

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From the Academy Award-winning writer of THE IMITATION GAME (Graham Moore) comes THE OUTFIT, a gripping and masterful thriller in which an expert tailor (Academy Award winner Mark Rylance) must outwit a dangerous group of mobsters in order to survive a fateful night.  

Starring  Mark Rylance, Zoey Deutch, Johnny Flynn, Dylan O’Brien, Nikki Asuka-Bird, Simon Russell Beale

Directed by  Graham Moore   (FOCUS FEATURES)



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