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Full Circle Fresh Air Kitchen Compost Bin – Composting Made Easy #EarthDay

Full Circle Composter

As I start the seeds for my garden this weekend, I’m already planning the compost area in our yard. I go through a lot of fruits and veggies while I’m cooking on a day to day cooking, but once my garden is in full swing I want to have a good way to start the soil for next year.

Composting is a great way to make your own nutrient rich soil. You add in the scraps from all of your natural products: fruits, veggies, plant clippings. Pretty much anything that is natural and doesn’t contain fats. They break down over time and when mixed together will turn into a nutrient rich soil for your garden. But let’s face it – it gets stinky. Most small composting bins have fillters – except for the Full Circle Fresh Air Kitchen Compost Bin they sent me to test out.

Full Circle Composter

The first thing you notice about the Fresh Air Kitchen Compost Bin is the bright color scheme. The top is punctured to allow air flow, and once open you notice it’s a relatively simple design. Inside there isn’t a filter, just the shell, the edge, a metal bar and the lid. The only thing extra you need to start are the composting bags (it will come with 5 starter bags).

Right out of the box it’s extremely easy to use, you just put the bag in and start adding any of your natural kitchen scraps to the bag. The lid latches with a small latch, so it wont randomly open and smell up the kitchen. The simple design allows you to use the bin when you need to and just keep it to the side when not in use.

Full Circle Composter

The compostable bags are key to the Fresh Air Kitchen Compost Bin’s system. The bags are made with a special material that begins to break down once it comes in contact with the food or natural products. Each bag will last 3-5 days in the bin, depending on how much you put in it. But since it starts to break down right away you should take it to the compost pile after a few days. Once in the pile it will actually break down like the natural materials and actually become part of your compost pile’s resulting soil. The set does come with 5 starter bags, so you will be set for the first few weeks, but you do have to order more to keep the system going.

Full Circle Composter

One of my favorite features of the Fresh Air Kitchen Compost Bin is the fact it is completely washable. After your remove a bag you may notice a small, some mess or maybe some food splatter if you’re cooking near it. You simple undo the top and bottom and pop it right in the dishwasher or the sink.

How does it work without a filter? The “wind flumes” included in the design allow an even flow of air around the bin at all times. Things wont get trapped in a hot area or stuck inside a corner. Combined with the compostable bag that allows oxygen flow through it and reduces the rotting time of your organic waste, the resulting is less stink without the added cost of a filter.

The Full Circle Fresh Air Kitchen Compost Bin is available on Amazon and is available in bright green and slate or a white option if you don’t want the brighter tones. It’s a great addition to our kitchen and helps make composting easy.

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  1. This is perfect for me! I am forever bringing bowls of food scraps out to the compost pile…this is much nicer!

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