From Trash to Treasure – Redoing an Outdated Side Table

krylon redoing a side table

krylon redoing a side tableThe day after Christmas last year we struck gold. We were on the way to our last holiday party of the year and noticed some furniture in a dumpster. Yes, we’re those people – we will get in a dumpster to get a treasure if we see it. At the time we had been looking at every store for dining room chairs to go with our new table, and found beautiful chairs that just needed a little bit of work as well. Overall, our whole haul was 4 dining room chairs (that project is coming soon), a side table and a wicker side table. All of which would work perfectly for our dining room and living area, filling spaces of things we needed. What did we need to do? Just put a little love and elbow grease into the furniture.

krylon redoing a side tableThe first completed project is actually the side table. I’m currently working with Krylon with their Colormaxx paint on a spring project for our patio, and we had a bit extra of theĀ Matte Sunrise color. It would give us a fun pop of color in our living room that would help counter the browns and blacks that seem to dominate. The light marble top currently is staying white – but another color may be added later.

krylon redoing a side tableThis is the original side table, a dark and drab wood tone that was popular during the 80’s. Overall the piece was solid and we loved the details on door and just wanted to give it a new lease on life.

Krylon Colormaxx was great for this project, I just did a quick clean up overall. But we didn’t need to sand or prime the piece at all. It actually has primer built into the paint, just clean and paint. It’s dry to the touch in 10 minutesĀ and to handle in an hour. So overall, the side table took me about an hour doing multiple coats.

krylon redoing a side tableStep 1: Remove all the hardware.

The side table had 2 handles on the front and two hinges. I put them all of the screws in the lid of the paint can and set them aside.

I also made sure to remove the marble top. Since we weren’t working with it right away, it could stay inside. This of course, made the side table tempting to our cat to hop inside, and he’s been trying to get back inside every since.

krylon redoing a side tableStep 2: Paint!

I put both pieces on a large piece of cardboard and gave everything a good coat. About every 15 minutes I went back for a second coat and did touch up where needed.

The table overall took around 2 cans of Krylon Colormaxx Sunrise, but I tend to be heavy handed on paint.

krylon redoing a side tableStep 3: Reassemble

Once everything is dry add your hardware back onto the table and reconnect the door.

I let the parts dry for over 24 hours before adding everything back onto it.

That’s about all we had to do to update and refresh this great side table. I did allow it to air out in the basement for a few days before putting it in it’s final home. The project was a quick and easy project for a sunny day and a free table and around $10 in paint not only transformed it into a new piece of furniture, but a fun pop piece in our living room!


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