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From Shopping, Family Dinners and a Show – The Perfect Way to Spend to Stay Warm in Branson #bloggingbranson #ozarkmountainchristmas

The weather is turning colder, and our to-do lists are never ending. that’s right, the holiday season is upon us and we can easily get overwhelmed. From checking off that shopping list, keeping the kids entertained and more, it would be great if there was one place you go when the weather takes a turn for the worse and keep everyone happy. Luckily, if you are in Branson, you can easily head to the Branson IMAX Complex for a fun day with the family, some shopping, the latest movies and even free entertainment.

McFarlain’s – Home Cooking, Rising Tables and Apple Cobbler

Down home cooking, rustic interiors and friendly staff are only a few things you can find at McFarlain’s Restaurant. The casual dining restaurant brings fun to your meal. The main entrance is in the middle of the Branson IMAX Complex and offers a country store right at the entrance. With a country feel, your meal will be fresh, warm and they can accommodate different dietary needs.

Get some roast beef, a chicken sandwich, soup or even some apple cobbler for a quick meal. The restaurant space sits guests on two levels, but throughout the space there are hidden tables that will slowly rise while their guests enjoy their meal. The table moves so slowly they may not notice until their plates are almost at their nose. And the only way to get their table back to a normal height is to sing a song and join the rising table club!

Shopping, Shows and More inside the Branson IMAX Complex

Need to find unique gifts for those hard to shop for people on your list? This is the perfect time to head inside the Branson IMAX complex. Both sides of main corridor inside the IMAX has stores with shops that will have gifts that you didn’t know you wanted or needed. From items from As Seen on TV, Grandfather Clocks, jewelry, artwork and more – there is so much you can do inside the complex.

Branson Imax ReviewFrom the exterior of the Branson IMAX there is no way to know just what is hiding inside, but there is definitely something to keep you busy and to fill your day. The IMAX screen is one of the largest screens in the nation and uses dual 4K projections for an amazing viewing experience. You can treat yourself to watching one of the new releases on the screen or educational 3D nature films.

The Branson IMAX offers a free screening daily of Ozarks Legends and Legacy, a fictional movie that gives a brief history of the area and the way a lot of local people grew up in the area. Recently added to the free IMAX movie collection is a short movie about the railroad industry and it’s impact on the area. You will find historical memorabilia from the area, as well as some from the Ozarks Legends and Legacy film they play there. You can spend time shopping, or take in a show in The Little Opre Theatre – a quaint and intimate show space that is hidden away in the complex

Montana Mikes Offers Fun Dining and Award Winning Steaks

After a long day of watching shows and shopping, it’s time for dinner and why not head for a sit down dinner that your whole family will love. Montana Mikes has large portions that are within your budget. Steak lovers will rejoice at the selection of cuts, and if steak isn’t your thing you can enjoy everything from chicken, to burgers and salad. Montana Mikes makes their burgers from ground sirloin – the same as the steak you’ll get and they are on home buns.

A casual atmosphere, it’s the perfect way to end your day. Montana Mike’s is about a mile and a half down the strip from the Branson IMAX Complex but their location on the main strip makes them ideal to hop in for a quick meal before a show and stay on schedule if you have a packed day.

Your day will be full when you stop into the Branson IMAX and it’s the perfect escape when the weather isn’t good outside. Check out the latest show times at the Branson IMAX Entertainment Complex and plan your meal at Montana Mikes now!

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