From Edison’s Last Breath to Atari – The Henry Ford Museum Has it All

Henry Ford Museum Dearborn, MI
Thomas Edison's last breath was captured by his son and given as a gift to Henry Ford.

Often museums focus on one topic or another, but when Henry Ford set up the campus that is now known as The Henry Ford the focus was only to preserve history. Knowing that there is potential we all have to innovate and create and need a place to reflect on times past, and a look to the future. All of these things come together to make The Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village.

The area was originally created as a private academy for 900 students. With the mission to create unique educational experiences and stories and lives. And the goal help people learn from history and traditions to change the future. Henry Ford was intrigued by the objects that can change history. Henry Ford’s Greenfield Village first opened in 1929, for students and open to the public in 1933.

Take a Look inside the Henry Ford Museum:

From Atari Games from the New Mexico burial site, Presidential cars, neon signs, Edison’s Last breath, Dymaxion Houses, Tesla’s death mask, Oscar Meyer Mobiles and more there are things of around every corner of the Henry Ford Museum to perk your interest and to start conversations with learners of all ages. Take a moment to see the chair that Lincoln was shot and killed in, the Kennedy Presidential Limousine where he was assassinated, and even the history of Americana and the railroad.

A trip to the Henry Ford Museum would not be complete without taking a stop at the Rosa Parks Bus where history was made and the flame was lit for the Civil Right’s Movement. Sit where Parks sat and learn why the significant history of the bus and that moment in history, as well as why Parks took the stand when she did.

Experience History on the Rosa Parks Bus

History is ever changing, and with the help of Henry Ford’s vision we can be immersed in it every day when you visit the Henry Ford Museum. With docents that walk you through significant parts of history to places where you can actually interact with it yourself you can get lost in learning on your visit to the museum. From the unique, historical and macabre you can find it all inside.

Find more information about the Henry Ford Museum, how to get tickets and other attractions they offer visit the Henry Ford website.


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