Friday the 13th is for luck!

Autumn Moon Fairy Light
I don’t believe in superstition, and in the past I have had good luck on Friday the 13th- this time wasn’t any different! Earlier in the week I had received a message from Autumn Moon letting me know I had been randomly as a winner selected in her giveaway. I won a Glass Luminary. Christina from Autumn Moon was an artist at one of our recent shows and her products are absolutely lovely. I know my sister fell in love with at least one of them.

Autumn Moon Fairy Light

I stopped by her house on the way to Lansing to pick it up, I was already heading her direction and figured I’d save her postage :). The bottle is absolutely beautiful! I bet it would even look better lit up in the dark haha.   It was a pleasant surprise and completely unexpected.

As I was setting this up to show my parents my phone rang with an email notification – I won a pair of socks from Airplus! This is the second pair of socks I’ve won in the last few months, and I’m still super excited. I won the green ankle socks from Ozone a couple months back! Fantastic socks- and honestly I love socks (in the colder seasons that is).

Gluten Free bread mix

The day before I left I received this in the mail. An All-purpose bake mix from Nutrition First – the family is looking forward to trying it! I am disappointed that my food allergies wont let me try it- but if you’re interested they are still doing a giveaway of bread makers and trips. Check out their website for more information. A few of my friends and my family keep saying I’m extremely lucky, since I keep winning these giveaways. Part of it might be luck, but really the reason I keep winning is I am entering. I don’t expect to win, so when I do win it is still very exciting. It’s a bit more than signing up for a freebie and getting a travel size product – which is still great, don’t get me wrong – but it is amazing to win something. So far the biggest win I had was from Live Nation and was a guitar by HiTone last spring – worth $2000 and shaped like a Slurpee cup. It’s a beautiful instrument, and it’s a shame I don’t know how to play. I don’t feel particularly lucky – or think I am more lucky than others. I just think that by the frequency of entering contests I keep winning a little bit here and there. So if you have a few extra minutes enter a contest, try to win something- ya never know you just might! And while we’re on the topic of contests – I have currently entered one on Rudi’s Gluten Free on Facebook. If you get a few please go vote for my recipe – Unwrapped Chicken Cordon Bleu! It’s on the last page and the last one listed, since it was the first submitted. Any votes between now and June 5th would be great!


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