Fresh Herbs Made Easy with Trudeau Herb Snips

trudeau herb snips review

trudeau herb snips reviewIn our home, we live by the rule “fresh is best”. Since our garden is done for the season, I usually rely on dry herbs throughout the cold months unless I can find fresh ones that look good at the store. Fresh herbs require a little extra work, and while most can be done by hand or with a good knife – a nice set of herb snips is always helpful. Trudeau sent us a pair of their Herb and Garden snips to try out and use in the kitchen as well as the garden.

trudeau herb snips reviewThere are so many things I like about the Trudeau Herb and Garden Snips, but the first thing is the blades come apart easily for cleaning. This makes it super easy to get to the in between places, or if it gets stuck while you’re trying use the snips. The stainless steel blades have micro-serrated edges so they will never need sharpened and between the two handles are two herb strippers.

trudeau herb snips reviewYour Trudeau Herb and Garden snips are great for your every day kitchen use, to get fresh veggies from the garden or even arranging flowers. One pair could easily do all three things, and in between – just toss them in the dishwasher so they’re clean and ready to go for your next task.

While you could use a knife and your hands to chop and strip your herbs, once you use an herb stripper you’ll never go back. It removes any of the herbs from their stem quickly and without tearing up your hands. Fresh is always our first choice when we’re cooking and it makes it a lot easier to get the fresh flavors you want for your recipes with your own herb snips. The Trudeau Herb and Garden Snips come in three different colors, and you can find them on Amazon or at housewares stores near you.


  1. Hey there oh, my name is Chris you have advertise clips or Snips for the herbs and it also has a gauge on the side on both top and bottom I would like to purchase it but I don’t know the price


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