Fresh Ground Pepper with the Flick of your Wrist

graviti pepper mill review

graviti pepper mill reviewWhen I’m cooking or seasoning a finished dish, I always like to add a touch of pepper. The problem I have sometimes is that one hand may be stirring, or working on something else, which makes it hard to use a traditional pepper mill. But with a Graviti Plus I can get fresh ground pepper without cranking, or even pushing a button.

graviti pepper mill reviewTrudeau sent me a Graviti Plus to test out and review, and right out of the box, the design overall was striking. The Graviti was a smooth and elegant design and at only 8 inches tall, it wasn’t too big to put on a shelf in the cupboard.  graviti pepper mill reviewThe overall presentation of packaging in general make it look more a gift than a typical kitchen appliance. The Graviti we received was made out of plastic and in a pop red, but they also come in black and chrome depending on your kitchen style and choice. Inside the Graviti is a ceramic grinder head so you will have years of grinding precision for your future dishes.

graviti pepper mill reviewBesides the beautiful red it came in, the first thing I instantly loved about the Graviti Plus is it comes with a full chamber of peppercorns. The plastic chamber allows you to see what is available, so you know when it needs refilled. The amount of peppercorns is a lot more than other pepper mills come with inside. The only thing you will need to put in to get started is 6 AAA batteries – which seems like quite a bit, but they will power it for a long time with regular use.

graviti pepper mill reviewThe Graviti Plus has five different grinding levels you simply turn the dial to select how coarse or fine you want your grind. Right above the dial is a door to refill the peppercorn chamber, and below it is an LED light that activates when you’re grinding pepper so you see exactly where it’s going.

To use the Graviti Plus, you simply tip the mill forward and the grinding action is activated by gravity. The light will activate and you will hear the mill working and you can watch your pepper come out the bottom. The whole design makes it easy to use with one hand, or if you have limited mobility. With just a tip of your wrist you can have fresh ground pepper with out the hassle, and you can easily control the amount of pepper used in each dish.
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