Fresh Corn Quickly with an Easy to Use Corn Stripper

rsvp corn stripper review

rsvp corn stripper reviewI know I’m not alone in this, but whenever I see corn on sale my mind instantly goes to corn on the cob. Any other time I want corn, I always picked up frozen or canned – it seemed like too much effort to get the corn off the cob safely. All of that changed for me when RSVP International sent me their Shuck Deluxe Corn Stripper to review. It seems like such a simple idea but since I want to use more fresh ingredients – it’s definitely needed in our home!

rsvp corn stripper reviewThe Corn Stripper comes in bright yellow, and has a stainless steel core that helps remove the corn from the cob. In the center of the stainless steel core is a plunger that makes it easy to get the cob out once you’re done. To get started, simply remove the outer husk from the corn and use a knife to cut off the stalk end and the very tip. Insert the corn in the chamber and make sure the end goes into the blades at the bottom. Secure the top and you’re ready to go!

rsvp corn stripper reviewThe next step isn’t that hard, but since the Corn Stripper didn’t come with instructions took me a second to figure out. Insert the stainless steel cutter in the top and start turning it. No, you cannot just simply push down and it takes the kernels off – it will only squish them. The twisting actually creates the cutting motion you need to cleanly remove them from the cob, and it’s a lot easier on your wrist as well. You can watch as the kernels fall to the bottom of the chamber.

rsvp corn stripper reviewWhen you’ve reached the bottom of the corn cob, you can simply pull the cutting core out and the cob will come with. It’s now inside and you just push the included plunger to get it out. It will come out easily and is cleared of all corn kernels.

rsvp corn stripper reviewSo what do you do with a bowl full of fresh corn kernels? You can make a Cold Corn Salad, cook them in some butter, add them to casseroles, can it or blanch and flash freeze them for later. It’s a great way to get some delicious farm fresh produce you can save to enjoy later in the winter.

I was surprised at how quickly and easily I was able to strip three ears of corn, and I didn’t have to use a knife that could slip as I tried to remove the kernels. But probably the best part about the RSVP International Corn Stripper, all parts are dishwasher safe… yes! Those magic words make the product even better.


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