Peanuts Pumpkin Patch location

Free Snoopy Pumpkin Stencil + Peanuts Pumpkin Patch Locations!

Peanuts Pumpkin Patch locationIt’s that time of year where we’re off to visit apple orchards and pumpkin patches. I absolutely love this time of year, with the cooler weather and I love pumpkins and apples. But this year, the Great Pumpkin is starting to take over, and the Peanuts Gang is at local pumpkin patches all across the nation.

Snoopy pumpkin stencilThe Peanuts Movie hits theaters on November 6th, so you can find special locations where you can get a free Peanuts Pumpkin Stencil, Character stencils and take a picture with the Peanuts crew! Some locations have limited hours, so be sure to verify them. If you don’t have a location near you, or aren’t able to visit one you can always download the Snoopy Pumpkin stencil online.

Peanuts Pumpkin Patch locationI was bummed there aren’t any locations in Michigan, but thankfully my friend Bobbie from Bobbie’s Bargains and More had a location near her home. She was awesome enough visit her local pumpkin with her daughter. They not only got pictures with the Peanuts characters, but stencils and even took home a pretty good sized pumpkin as well! It looks like a great time and I wish it was something we had at one of our local pumpkin patches.

You can find out more information on locations, downloadable pumpkin stencil and more info on the Peanuts Movie by visiting the Peanuts Movie website.

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