Four Wicked Reasons Gamers Shouldn't Accept Lagging

Four Wicked Reasons Gamers Shouldn’t Accept Lagging

Imagine the scene. The TV and console are set up, the chair is comfy and inviting, and you’re ready to spend the next couple of hours immersed in a virtual world. Things don’t get much better. Then, disaster strikes. While you’re attempting to complete the latest Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto, the game begins to lag. 


What’s even worse is, gamers put up with it even though A) it ruins the experience, and B) it isn’t your fault. Lagging should never be accepted, and if you see that as an exaggeration, you should continue reading.

These are quick and simple solutions.

Check Your Internet Speed

You’re not a small business whose very existence depends on rapid broadband speeds. Still, as a gamer, you require around fifteen to twenty megabytes per second if you plan on negating annoying interruptions. With this number in mind, you should double-check that the speed you’re paying for is the one you’re receiving. Anybody who isn’t getting enough bang for their buck needs to talk with their supplier to find a fast fix. A powerful tip is to type in “ internet providers in my area” into Google and analyze the results. With accurate competitor data to hand and an unhappy tone, you can leverage the situation to your benefit!

Move Your Router Closer

As basic as it sounds, it works because of something called latency. Latency is the amount of time it takes for data to travel from the source to the receiving device, or from your router to your console, laptop, or mobile. There are tons of ways to lower it and reduce lag, yet they involve contacting your provider and asking them to shorten the connection. The easiest and most effective repair is to move closer to the internet box and cut out the middle man so that your games’ night goes to plan. If that isn’t an option, you can boost the signal.

Remove Users

The stats regarding internet use in the US are incredible. One that may blow your mind is that nine out of ten adults, or 90% of them, use the internet. It may mean almost one-hundred-percent of the occupants are connected at all times in your house, which slows down the speeds and increases latency and lag. Thankfully, you can remove the ones that are no longer in use by heading to your control panel and sending the old connections to the trash bin. Eliminating them improves the bandwidth, which should stop multiple users from adding to your lag problem.


Of course, asking your loved ones to stop using the WiFi because you’re in the middle of a very important game is selfish and won’t go down well #misunderstood. The good news is that you don’t have to wait for everybody to leave before the latency drops. Instead, you can use an ethernet cable to plug into the router directly and import a robust and stable signal directly into your computer. Estimates reckon the method boosts WiFi performance by up to 300%.

All of these solutions are accessible, and that’s why you should never put up with lag!

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