founding farmers review

Founding Farmers: From Farm to Your Table

Founding Farmers Review
Traveling and being gluten free can be hard on anyone. I’ve been lucky in recent years that it’s getting easier everywhere I go. When we were in Washington DC a few months ago that wasn’t a problem at all. We stayed at a small historic, boutique motel in the Foggy Bottom District surrounded by restaurants and shopping.

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On our first day in the area we took a quick walk past Founding Farmers. The menu, the food, the atmosphere – it was what we wanted. The only problem? The line to get in was ridiculous. So we put a pin in it, and thought we’d try again the next day.

It appears we weren’t the only ones with the idea, Founding Farmers is a high demand place. The wait time to get a table is at least two hours (or at least was when we were there.) So we opted to call and make dinner reservations for us and a local friend – the options were 10 am, or 10 pm. Getting into Founding Farmers might be the hardest and worst part about the whole experience. We chose the 10 pm slot and figured we’d go for dessert.

Inside the space you’re greeted with a warm and pleasant interior. The concept of the restaurant is simple and well appreciated: Farm to table, fresh ingredients that are locally sourced. They want to bring attention to the farmers that provide our food, the culture of farm to table as well as the feeling of being on the farm while you’re in their space. This from the food to the interior design and even to the table ware used. But when they were building their new space they kept that in mind.

The locally sourced idea is spread to their design by the interior achieving LEED Gold certification. They take the eco-friendly to the restaurant operations and beyond in their meal prep. One thing I really appreciated was the use of real glass for serving meals as well as drinks. You can find country style silverware, plates and wood boards being used to plate to help further the green idea as well as the country or farm feel.

Founding Farmers Cookbook

As for the food? Everything we had was delicious. From homemade soda mixes, chocolate mousse and a burger and risotto. The portion sizes are more than you’d expect, even at the higher cost. The chocolate mousse is suppose to be a shared dessert, although the menu does not state that! But for the price, and fresh, chemical and additive free food – it was well worth the cost.

Founding Farmers isn’t just the eco trend restaurant, they are responding to an overwhelming need and want for fresh and local food. And let’s not forget that the meals aren’t weird science experiment sounding dishes. Instead you’ll find meals you’re familiar with, the classic comfort food we grew up with and some that our more mature palates crave.

And did I mention gluten free? Their menu does not scream gluten free when you initially look at it. But since they’re making fresh food, you can order a dish and have it made how you need. The serving staff was very knowledgeable about gluten free meals and they even had a list of dishes that I could have and what changes needed to be made.

Founding Farmers Cook Book

To further their goal, and to bring the fresh is best idea home with their diners, Founding Farmers has released a cook book! Not only does it have some of their more popular dishes, but items not on the menu. They’ve gone back to the farm, and pulled out their favorite dishes and how to prepare them. There are ideas on how to be more green in the cookbook, as well as more about Founding Farmers and their mission. One of my favorite sections of the cook book so far – the homemade drink syrup recipes. They have been added to our rotation for making our own drinks, and cutting out some of the chemicals we’d like to avoid.

More information on Founding Farmers and their cook book can be found on their website 

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