Forget the Sippy Cup – Give me a Bendy Straw for My Wine! #ChristmasCountdown 

Bendy Wine Pourer Review
Fred Bendy Review
Wine is great paired with the right foods and it can make or break an event. But long gone are the days where wine was just for the well to do and stodgy. Now, you can find a lot of fun wine accessories that not only are functional but also fit your style. While I do love my wine sippy cups, when I saw the Bendy by Fred I fell in love. It’s adorable, and it actually works (just sadly not as a straw itself!)

Bendy is one of the great gift options you can find at Staples this year, and they sent me it to review. I know, an office supply store isn’t the first place I’d check for wine accessories, but they have a lot of fun gifts this year and at great prices. You can grab a gift or two while you’re getting yourself the latest tech you’ve wanted.

Fred Bendy Review

Bendy has the outside appearance of a bendy straw but it’s actually a wine aerator and pourer. The base portion is made of food grade silicone so you can fit it into your wine bottle and get the right amount of air to your wine. The straw portion doubles as your pourer and has a small air hole to get the right amount of air to your wine while you fill your glass. Pour a little or a lot, Bendy will make your guests smile to see wine coming out of a straw! When you’re done using Bendy, it actually comes apart so you can wash it quickly and easily. Store it together and have it ready for your next party.

Bendy is a lot of fun to use, and I have to admit – it’s a lot more fun to look at than some of the other wine aerators I have. The only thing I wish it would do – work as an actual straw so you can skip the glass all together! Maybe we can put in a request for that later?

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