Forever Twilight in Forks Collection and Festival Brings Twilight Fans Together

Forks Washington Twilight Festival

Surround yourself in beauty as you step into the scenery you’ve only ready about in the Twilight books. Forks, Washington the town where the series is set. Fans of the series were surprised when author Stephenie Meyer announced she finally is publishing her long-awaited book Midnight Sun which tells the Twilight story from Edward Cullen’s perspective. And now, you can experience the world of Twilight in the ultimate fan experience.

Forks, Washington, the real home of the fictional Twilight series, is getting ready to celebrate Midnight Sun! The annual Forever Twilight in Forks Festival (September 10-13, 2020) is being rebranded with the Midnight Sun theme. Plus the Forever Twilight in Forks Collection features many items of Edward Cullen’s- both from the book, as well as worn and used by actor Robert Pattinson in the Twilight Series films!

About Forever Twilight

Fans travel from all over the world to Forks, Washington – home of the Twilight Saga year-round to experience the real-life setting of the fictional story. While they are in Forks they experience the locations described in the books including the beaches and rainforest, immerse themselves in the Saga while visiting the Forever Twilight in Forks Collection, a free gallery of actual props and costumes used in the five movies, Forks-centric items, books from all over the world, and much more.

The Forever Twilight in Forks Festival (FTF) kicks it up a notch – in addition to all the amazing things Forks offers year-round, during the FTF Festival fans can hang out with actual Saga actors, and get to know the characters from the story. An acting troupe portrays the Cullen Coven, Jacob Black, the Volturi, and others featured in the story. There are themed parties, activities at the Forks High School, including a panel discussion with the Saga actors, movie showings and much more. The event is like a fandom family reunion where attendees get to hang with their long distance besties and Twi-family!

Event Highlights

  • Festival Q&A Panel with Actors & VIP Guests
  • Fandom Family Party
  • Saturday Night Gala
  • Escape to La Push Beach Party
  • Quileute Healing and Drum Circle
  • Autograph and Photograph Event with Actors & VIP Guests
  • Cosplayer hosted Breakfast and “Cullen House” Tours
  • ‘A Thousand Years’ Karaoke Party

Every year, the Festival welcomes Twilight cast, producers, directors, and VIPs of the fandom. These special guests attend and host themed events.

For more information on Forever Twilight in Forks Festival and how you can attend.


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