Ford takes the 2020 Escape to a New Level with Updated Features and More

2020 Ford Escape Review

There’s no denying that the SUV market is one of the quickest growing segments for consumers. And the smaller sized SUVs, or crossovers are going to quickly dominate the market. They not only comfortably fit a whole family, but provide the flexibility for wherever your life is going to take you. From small families, running the kids to their sports practice or even your next road trip – there’s so much these mid-sized vehicles have to offer drivers. And the all new 2020 Ford Escape hybrid SUV is poised to focus on the driver and passengers in a way that other brands haven’t done yet: The Escape will be offered with a hybrid, plug-in hybrid and standard gas engine so buyers can get exactly the type of fuel economy they want.

Surrounded in History, Ford Reveals The Latest Version of the Ford Escape

2020 Ford Escape Review

Last week, the Ford Motor Company brought national media to the historic Greenfield Village to reveal the 2020 Ford Escape in a unique way. Greenfield Village is a historical village and passion project of Henry Ford that he used to house some significant moments in history and technology. Guests can visit Thomas Edison’s lab where he invented the light bulb, the Wright Brother’s bicycle shop where they invented the airplane and even some of the original buildings where Ford himself developed part of the original Model Ts.

In addition to the different engine types, the new Escape features changes in upgraded technology, updated aerodynamics, an updated body style and new technology. With a nod to the past where these ideas first took flight, the Escape came onto the scene with a presentation unlike any other we’ve seen in the past.

2020 Ford Escape Reveal

A Sleek New Design Gives the Escape Hybrid SUV a More Sporty Look 

2020 Ford Escape Review

No one wants a boring looking car, and the new Escape delivers not only in appearance but is going to cause others to do a double take. While the updated look is subtle in some areas, the stance is a bit wider, giving it a bit more masculine appearance. The changes to the overall body may not be something you notice when first looking at it, like the lowering of the roofline by 10 mm and a slightly longer wheelbase. These changes help not only with the interior dimensions for passenger and driver comfort but also help with the aerodynamics of the car overall. The reduction of the drag on the car helps increase your fuel economy too.

“This all-new Escape brings a sleeker, sportier design with the capability to take you on just about any of your life’s adventures,” said Kumar Galhotra, Ford’s president, North America. “With our class-leading hybrid powertrains, customers will spend less time at the gas station and more time on the road.”

2020 Ford Escape Review

While you’re driving any vehicle your focus needs to be on the road in front of you, and the new Escape makes that even easier for you to keep your focus where it needs to be. The  steering wheel buttons contain everything you need to access hands-free calling, control your music and infotainment system, even cruise control. But within the driver’s view is also a digital display that allows you to change your drive mode and how you want the hybrid model to use the battery storage. Controlling the features is easy and quick and won’t distract you while you should be focused on the road.

And, the Escape will offer Co-Pilot 360, Ford’s ‘bundled’ active safety features that keep drivers and passengers safe on the road. These features include:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Pre-collision assist with Automatic Emergency Braking
  • Rear view camera
  • BLIS with cross-traffic alert
  • Auto high-beam headlamps
  • Lane-keeping system
  • Hill Start Assist

Optional features that are available include:

  • Active Park Assist 2.0 with Reverse and Front Parking Aid
  • Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go
  • Evasive Steering Assist
  • Lane Centering
2020 Ford Escape Review

The new Escape has your comfort in mind, and it’s easy to get comfortable as you’re driving. With more legroom, more space to stretch out and even an active climate control for you and the front passenger you’ll be comfortable wherever the road takes you. But it’s not just about the space inside the cabin – but how you use it.

  • Drivers and passengers can keep compatible mobile devices charged with an available wireless charging pad in the front center console
  • Type A and type C USB charging ports as well as three 12-volt charging sockets (up to 4!)
  • An 8-inch touch screen – standard on SE models and above – shares information with the available 12.3-inch all-digital instrument cluster, which displays important vehicle information such as speedometer and fuel level. It uses 3D animated graphics to indicate the drive mode.

Small things add up to big changes and time savings while driving, providing you not only the comfort you want but keeping you focused on the road.

A Hybrid Engine in the New Escape: Ready For Whatever Life Has in Store

2020 Ford Escape Review

Ford knows that life can take you anywhere and our needs change from day to day. That means what may work for you this week may not work next week, and the new Escape is as flexible as it can be to help you whenever you need it. Offering both gas and hybrid models, buyers will love the flexible options.

The Good Old Gas Engine: Gas engine-powered models and a standard hybrid are available with all-wheel drive. EcoBoost-equipped models get a new quick-shifting 8-speed automatic transmission and every Escape receives an all-new suspension.

The changes mean “it’s a heck of a lot of fun to drive,” said Jim Hughes, Escape chief program engineer.

A Battery Hybrid Escape: The SE Sport and Titanium models come standard with Ford’s innovative fourth-generation hybrid propulsion system, which includes an all-new 2.5-liter Atkinson cycle hybrid engine and electronic continuously variable transmission. The front-wheel-drive hybrid model is projected to produce a combined system horsepower of 198, and a top speed of 85 mph in electric-only mode.

The Plug-in Hybrid: Available on every trim level except S and SE Sport, projects a range of at least 30 miles in electric-only mode before the hybrid gas engine takes over. Escape Plug-In Hybrid has a Level 1/Level 2 AC charging port. Using a 110-volt Level 1 charge, the estimated time to fully charge the battery is 10 to 11 hours. Using a 240-volt Level 2 charge, charge time drops to roughly 3.5 hours.

Hybrid Models Feature Four EV Modes So You Can Select the Setting That Best Suits Your Needs

  • Auto EV mode- the vehicle decides whether to run on gas or electric power
  • EV Now mode- drivers can operate on all-electric driving
  • EV Later mode- drivers can switch to full gas-powered driving to conserve electric miles for later
  • All-new EV Charge mode- drivers can continue to charge the battery while driving and generate electric-only miles to use later

The mid-sized Escape has more space than you’d expect inside. Designers took the time to make sure that it not only has enough space inside to accommodate five adults, but also enough space for golf bags and other equipment. The cargo room can hold four full-sized suitcases, a full-sized dog carrier and more.


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