Food Safety Tips for Your Next Camping Trip

Food Safety Tips for Your Next Camping Trip

If you’re new to camping, one thing that might worry you is preparing meals while on the go. We’re used to cooking on a stove or in an oven where temperatures are consistent. So cooking over an open flame, without a control may be daunting, and you might be worried about food safety for your family.

But don’t worry about cooking over a fire, it can actually be safer and healthier than a lot of the junk food that they are getting at shops and fast food restaurants around the world! A hamburger cooked over an open fire has a lot less fat and better quality protein than one cooked in a fryer. What is the actual question about safety?

Is it about the means of cooking when camping, usually over an open fire? That can be a concern, especially for your family. The fire can pop and crackle, sending out sparks and sometimes flaring up into the pan. It is much more exciting to children than a stove or oven. That is a hazard of campfires, but not as dangerous as many think. Don’t let the kids wear clothes that highly flammable (and very few clothes are flammable these days) or sit to close to the fire while you are cooking. They also shouldn’t wear high levels of hair spray or insect repellent, those both burn readily!

Maybe the safety concern is storage, it is difficult to bring along a refrigerator and plug it into a tent. Some foods can go bad, but not as quickly as many believe. Eggs can be packed and carried easily, and will not go bad even after several weeks.

They are an excellent source of protein and should get no more pathogens than what they had at the supermarket, assuming you are a clean traveler! Meat is great dehydrated and tastes wonderful in a camp stew after a day of hiking. There is also fresh fish! These are typical camp food consumed by children and adults alike on camping excursions, and are all as safe on the trip as they are at home!

Is it a safety concern about storage of the food after it has been cooked? Left over food can attract wild animals and those are a concern! It that is the case, only prepare as much food as you are going to eat each night, and then put the scraps well away from the camp area. You might even watch and see what does come around, the problem becomes and education! Though it may become a problem if it is bears or skunks!


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