Following Your Passions Into Business: 3 Major Questions to Ask Yourself

Following Your Passions Into Business: 3 Major Questions to Ask Yourself

Everybody needs to find a way to follow their passions in life, and this is why more and more of us are using our passions and interests to build businesses. If you want to use your skills to earn an income as a business owner, there is a balance between the head and the heart that needs to be maintained. Here are a few practical things to consider when you are looking to follow your passions into a business.

Have You Done Enough Research? 

A business owner can start with the best of intentions, but find they hit a number of stumbling blocks a few months in because all they’ve done is follow their passions. Anybody starting a business needs to look at the long-term, which means they have to understand their individual shortcomings, but also what they are severely lacking in that is stopping them from taking their business to the next level. If you don’t know why a sole proprietor needs a federal tax ID or how you can leverage marketing to get the right caliber of customer, research is an incredibly boring, but essential piece of the puzzle. If you have the passion to do something, but find the research makes it an incredibly cumbersome process, you might want to ask yourself if you are actually following your passions.

You May Be Passionate, but Are You Good at It? 

We can easily mistake passion for skill. You need to truly understand if it is something you are interested in rather than being skilled in. Lots of people start a business because they have a passion for something, like film or TV, but both can require innate technical knowledge. There’s many reasons why we can be put off going down this route because we see others who have learned their trade, but that’s not to say you should not be put off before you start. Being passionate about something means that, come hell or high water, you will dedicate yourself to it, and even if you’re not good at something, but if you are that passionate about something, you will dedicate yourself to it.

Are You Setting the Appropriate Goals? 

Starting a business is about making sure that you are able to sustain a living for yourself. In this instance, passion alone is not going to cut it. You can be enthusiastic, but if it’s not bringing results, you’ve got to put the stops in place to make sure you can achieve your goals but also plot the increments in how you will achieve them. This is why something like a 5-year plan is so important to those starting businesses. You can see a gap in the market or do something that is a sign that you should follow your passions, but if you are not putting goals in place you may find that everything fizzles out because of a lack of organization. Structure is a critical component, and therefore, you must remain practical, even when following your passions.


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