Five Ways to do an Unconventional Girls Trip

Mystery Hill Blowing Rock Review

We all have heard of a girls trip, and really they’re stereotypically the same format. Spa, drinking, maybe even movies. A get away from the day to day life. And while there is nothing wrong with that – it’s not the only way you can do a girls trip.

When heading off on your next girls trip, start looking at some of the things you can do outside of the norm. Find activities that you and your friend will all love, and is better suited for your personalities and friendships. We’re not saying to completely ditch the spas, microbreweries and wineries – but add in some fun activities you can do with your girlfriends that will have you laughing and making memories for years to come.

Go Gem Mining

If you’re traveling in an area that has a lot of mining near it, you may have seen signs for Gem Mining. Part tourist trap, part activity for kids to do – but a whole lot of fun no matter how old you are!

You can pick up bags (or buckets) of seeded (pre-selected stones) or unseeded gems to take home or to do it on site. Fill the screen with sand and stones and run it through the water to reveal what you’ve gotten. Often, the stones aren’t worth much more than what you paid for the experience, but occasionally, you may get something valuable.

Some gem mining places will actually offer gem cutting services so you actually have your stones put into jewelry to enjoy later. Prices vary at different locations but you can usually share a bucket of gems with a friend. You may get a little dirty and wet in the process but it’ll be a lot of fun!

Learn How to Shoot a Rifle

This may be one of the more unconventional items on the list, but it is also one of the most empowering! Find a local shooting range and take lessons on how to shoot a rifle. You’ll be surprised at the rush you get when you shoot the rifle for the first time, and the joy you get when you get the clay skeet for the first time as well. If you successfully shoot a skeet, they’ll give you your shell as reward. But for safety reasons make sure that they have shooting glasses for indoor and outdoor ranges. One way to improve your game is with Shrewd Hunter’s guide for rifle scopes.

Rifles not your game? Chetola Sporting Reserve also offers pistol classes for men and women. Find out more about the programs offered at the Chetola Sporting Reserve.

Explore Local History

No matter where your girl trip takes you – there is local history to explore. Why not take some time and find out more about the area – even if it’s one that you live in? Not only will this lead to interesting stories for years to come, but may be a great spot to shop and find great gifts for you or others.

Visit the oldest General Store in the country, tour a museum or go for a nature hike. Explore what is around you and enjoy every moment of it.

Throw Tomahawks

Mystery Hill Blowing Rock Review

Have you ever been axe throwing? What about Tomahawk throwing? It takes a few times to get your technique down, but after some practice you absolutely can land that blade into the wooden stump.

It may seem like an odd activity to do with friends, but it quickly becomes a competition and you’ll be laughing in no time. Be sure to take pictures and videos as you each throw the tomahawks – you’ll love looking back at the moments you celebrate together each time you have a successful throw.

Check out the Supernatural Together

Did you know that each area has something super natural and unique to offer? Have you ever been to a Vortex spot? Where gravity goes the wrong direction? Mystery spots exist all over, and visiting one with your friends will have you laughing for hours.

Splurge and get the full ticket for the Mystery Hill and get Old Timey group photos, throw tomahawks, visit museums, gem mine and even go into the vortex area. Learn more about the mystery spot and what might actually cause the reversal of gravity. Stand in the spot that makes you taller or shorter and even stand in the middle of a giant bubble.

The Mystery Hill can take several hours to do all of the activities, but it’s worth the time, laughs and memories you will make there !


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