Five Reasons to Consider the Genesis G90 as Your Next Car #GenesisG90

2017 Genesis G90 Review

2017 Genesis G90 Review

Anyone who drives has a dream car or two on their roster. For me I’ve always been fans of Audis and Bentleys, and they’re on my “some day” list. But this January at NAIAS I was introduced to a new contender on the luxury vehicle market – the Genesis G90. Just a couple years on the market, the G90 is turning heads and winning the hearts of everyone who drives it.

I was lucky enough to have a Genesis G90 dropped off to drive for a week, and I have to admit it was hard to give back. The Genesis is a bit out of my price range at this point, but the idea of 3 years of all service included and valet puts the G90 is a much more affordable position than other luxury brands. During my week with the G90 there were so many things I loved about the car and it definitely has made its way onto my “wish list”. There are so many reasons to consider the G90 when you’re out car shopping, but here are a handful to spark your interest. Head out and test drive a G90, trust me you wont regret it!

1 – 2017 Genesis G90 ReviewIt’s a fantastic Ride – Have you ever drove a car that felt like you were floating on air? That was my experience with the G90. It was not just comfortable to sit in for long rides with seats that pretty much mold to your body but the G90 was probably the smoothest driving car I’ve ever driven. Yes, you will still feel some pot holes and bumps on the way, but it does feel like you’re floating a bit when driving the car. It responds fast to changes in conditions and makes for a comfortable ride to where ever you’re heading.

2017 Genesis G90 Review2 – The Map System is Amazing – Yes, GPS and mapping systems are becoming standard in cars. But how about one that lets you scroll in to see the street names surrounding you, out to a global level (not really sure why for driving on this one), and even has 3D buildings in certain areas. I liked not only being able to see a real time view of the roads and surrounding areas, but also the ability to scroll in and out to get better detail if I needed it. We used this a lot on the way to Easter Dinner with our family and actually learned about a few more parks and lakes in our area we didn’t know existed! Even without using the navigation settings, it’s a fun way to experience the area around you while driving.

3 – 2017 Genesis G90 ReviewLuxury in Design – When they designed the G90 they didn’t just design for the driver. Instead, the comfort of all of the passengers was considered. In the back of the car, passengers have their own control center that allows them to recline their seats, turn on heated or air conditioned seats, control the radio and even control the sun shades that area in the back. The front passenger seat even turns into a foot rest for the passenger in the back seat. While the design seems to be geared to the comforter of just to the back seat – the front passengers have their own climate zones, seats that have the most adjustment points I’ve ever seen on a seat and heated and air conditioned seats. From lumbar support that not only adds a bit of tension in the back, but also brings in the sides of the seat to a power adjusted head rest – you will find your perfect fit and happily slide in and out of the car.

2017 Genesis G90 Review4 – It’s Self Driving (Well, sort of) – I know I’m not the only driver who talks with their hands, and when I did this while driving the G90 I found that it has a self driving feature. It is not a fully self driving car, but it does take the lane detection to the next level. The G90 offers lane detection that wont drive you nuts with an annoying beep every time you come near to a line or a car is near you. Instead it just lights up the line you’re getting close to in your display. But with the lane detection on, the G90 will always try to keep you in the center of the lane. So you can actually take your hands off the wheel for a short period and not only will the car keep you in the lane but it will even follow the curves on the road. I actually tested this on the highway (at 70 miles an hour) and the G90 kept up with traffic and stayed within the lanes with ease. The built in lidar detection keeps you a safe distance from other cars as well.

Please keep in mind that the G90 is not a fully self driving car, and you shouldn’t rely on this function for long distances. Actually, the G90 will beep at you and tell you to put your hands back on the wheel. I did have it tell me to do that a couple time while my hands were on the wheel but I had mostly my palm on the front instead of my fingers wrapped around the wheel.

An additional feature of the lane departure function – if you do begin to drive out of your lane, the G90 actually vibrates the steering wheel and makes it feel like you’re hitting rumble strips. The first time this happened was a bit odd, but it’s a nice and gentle reminder to stay in your lane.

2017 Genesis G90 Review5 – Heads Up Projected Display – I always though a projected display may be distracting while driving, but the reality is it’s something you get use to pretty quickly and doesn’t get in the way at all. When you first start the G90 the display actually projects their logo and the safety notice that is standard on newer vehicles. But while driving, the display gives you the speed limit of the road you’re on (super helpful when on roads they don’t post it on normally), the speed you’re going, if your drive assist is on and your lane lines. It will show you when a car is in your blind spots, and if you’re departing lanes at all.

The heads up display isn’t visible to the passengers, and the speed you are going is also available on the dash board. But it’s a nice and quick reference while driving and helps you keep your eyes on the road. Please note that it is hard to see the projection from some angles when you are wearing polarized sun glasses. But in normal sun light and at night, it is completely visible and easy to read.

2017 Genesis G90 ReviewDriving the G90 is an experience in itself, and Genesis didn’t stop by giving it a nice appearance outside. They wanted to make sure that the driver always has a great experience with the car. From custom music when you power on and off the push button car to mirrors that project the logo down at night – the G90 is a fun ride that you will love from the first time you get into the drivers seat. And even with all of this goodness packed into the G90, it is still a car you can drive every day and run your errands in. It took me to work for a week, helped me get gardening supplies and took us to our family parties. The 2017 Genesis G90 starts at $68,100 and gets up to 17 mpg city / 24 highway. Find out more about the Genesis G90 and where to check them out today!


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