Five Places to Check Out in Central Indiana

Pink Elephant

What fun would traveling be unless we found some weird and unique things along the way? I’m always on a quest to find some of the world’s largest items and bits of Americana that pepper our landscape. Not only did Central Indiana deliver on this – but there are probably a lot more that we didn’t find just yet.

The World’s Second Largest Rocking Chair

World's Second Largest Rocking Chair

Once the world’s largest rocking chair, the one in Franklin, was removed from its place of honor when the one in Casey, Illinois was built a few years ago. Looming over the countryside, the second largest rocking chair used to be paired with a giant dresser on the building face but that was lost to a fire a few years ago.

It isn’t recommended that you climb on the rocking chair – but you can get out and get a selfie with it – and you’re going to feel really small compared to this giant!

You can find the giant rocking chair at Long’s Furniture and Mattress at 108 US-31, Franklin, IN 46131

Sit with Benjamin Franklin

Ben Franklin Statue Franklin University

Have you ever wanted a selfie with a founding father? Head over to Franklin University for not one, but two opportunities to get a shot with Benjamin Franklin. There is one statue that is standing tall on the corner of the university, but in the heart of it all is a bronze bench where you can sit down and read some papers with Franklin and even snap a quick selfie.

Take some time to explore downtown Franklin, more murals of Franklin and other gems will provide great photo opportunities as you go.

The World’s Largest Half Shoe

giant shoe Basketball Hall of Fame

The first question is why is it only half a shoe? We don’t have an answer for it! But outside the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame there it sits – a giant high top. Standing over six feet tall and currently covered in adidas logos, it’s easily visible from the main road. Take the time to stop by and get some photos, and if it’s open visit the museum as well!

You can find the giant half shoe at 408 Trojan Ln, New Castle, IN 47362

A Giant Pink Elephant Drinking a Martini

Pink Elephant

Thanks to Dumbo, we’re all familiar with pink elephants, but not necessarily one wearing glasses and holding it’s own martini glass! This giant elephant is on the back of a trailer and moves around the Fortville area to different locations where there is space for the giant elephant.

It may take some driving around to find her, but a visit to the Pink Elephant is worth the trip!

Corey the Ice House Giant

Iceman Ice House Tavern

Our trip to find Corey the Ice House Giant was not exactly what we expected. But it swung us up an angled street and into a dirt parking lot in front of the Ice House Tavern. And there he stood – over twenty feet tall – a giant man who is the mascot of the tavern he looms over. Well lit so you can find him no matter the time of day, he’s a beacon of interest in the area.

Supposedly there’s another of the same mold in Montpelier, IN, holding a tiny ice cream cone. Has been seen as an Uncle Sam in other states, hence the lapel clenching.

Corey is located in front of the Ice House Tavern at 1550 Walnut St., New Castle, IN



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