Five Must Have Items for Star Wars Fans #starwars #fandom

Star War Must Haves for Fans

Star War Must Haves for Fans

We all know someone in our life that is a fan of Star Wars. What was once a niche market for only the nerdiest of our friends has quickly become mainstream and something the whole family loves and new generations are being raised on the space epic. But with a new movie released every year there are so many options for the Star War fan that not only hit all the fandom buttons, but also can be a bit under stated. Here are some of our favorite Star Wars themed items for your kitchen and home that fans will love!

Star Wars Themed Plate Set

Star War Must Haves for Fans

Featuring your favorite characters, these plates by Zak! Designs are not only dishwasher safe but are microwave safe as well. They come in sets of four and each plate, bowl and side plate features a different character on the front, and a quote from the character on the back.

Star War Must Haves for FansWe absolutely love the look of these plates, with the screen printed character silhouette on the front, and the typographic fun quotes on the back. The simplicity of the design makes it fun conversation starters, but not so in your face as other products on the market. They’re sturdy and can handle continuous use or just fun for the occasional party. Each is sold in a set of four, and you can piece together the set you want!

Get your own Star Wars dinner set here:

BB8 Waffles Anyone!?

Star War Must Haves for Fans

Ok, so these end up being a little more pancake like because the indents aren’t that deep, but we love our BB8 Waffle night!

Star War Must Haves for FansI’m going to admit, before making waffles in this BB8 waffle maker, I never made waffles before. I found a recipe, turned it gluten free and was amazed how easy it was. The design is fun, but the nooks and crannies don’t hold the syrup as much as a traditional waffle would but it doesn’t mean they’re not delicious!

Each waffle takes 5-8 minutes, so start early but you’ll be happy with the results!

Get your own BB8 Waffle Maker!

R2-D2 Bop It and Some Styling Star Wars Mugs

Star War Must Haves for Fans

I’m a huge fan of fun mugs, and pick them up on every trip I go on. So, I probably have a mug collection issue for the amount of coffee I actually make at home. But some of my favorites are shaped like our favorite characters. You can get Darth Vader mugs, C3PO, Porgs and more! Nothing is more fun than starting your day some of your favorite coffee or tea in a mug shaped like your favorite character.

While you’re waiting on your waffles to cook and your coffee to brew, why not sit down and play with your R2-D2 Bop It Game? This is seriously addicting and instructions are given to you by C3PO! Not exactly a kitchen item, but you’ll still love having it around!

Salt and Pepper Your Food with Your own Light Saber!

Star War Must Haves for Fans

Need a little salt and pepper for your food? Why not use the Light Side or the Dark side to make your dish absolutely perfect? With the press of a button these power grinders perfectly give you fresh salt and pepper for your meal or recipe. Modeled after Luke Skywalker’s and Darth Vader’s light sabers you can get the perfect grind every time. The only downside to these fun mills? They don’t light up or have sound effects while they’re working!

Get your own Light Saber Salt and Pepper Grinders!


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