Warner Bros. Studio Tour Burbank

Five Iconic Places to See on the Warner Brothers Lot

Fans of movies and TV shows aren’t going to want skip going on the Warner Brothers Tour when they’re visiting Los Angeles. From shows you grew up with, movies you fell in love with as a kid (or flat out scared you), there is history all over as you go through the tour.

Hop on the tram, get ready to see some moments in movie history you wont forget. And don’t worry, there are moments you can get off the tour for pretty amazing photo opps including downtown Stars Hollow Gazebo and the Friends Fountain! Your tour will end at a small museum with other sets and photo opp locations you wont want to miss!

The Growing Pains House

growing pains house set

No doubt you grew up watching Growing Pains like the rest of 80’s kids. But the house the Seavers lived in – is still standing and still being used for other shows. The front of the house is probably the most recognizable and was used for exterior shots, but the inside was on a sound stage. From the front door to the porch where many talks happened, the the garage out back where Mike moved into the upstairs apartment (that totally wouldn’t fit in there in reality).

growing pains house set Elvira
The back of the Growing Pains house has been used in Elvira as well as the main entrance of Kim’s Antiques in Gilmore Girls

But it’s not just the front of the house that has a lot of history. The back of the house has been used in a lot of different movies and shows including Elvira, and more recently is the entrance of Kim’s Antiques in Gilmore Girls. Keep an eye out for this picket fenced entrance, you’ll start seeing it featured in a lot of different shows you already are watching.

The Spider-Man Upside Down Kiss Location

Spider-man Movie Upside Down Kiss Location

In the 2002 Spider-Man movie, between all of the action scenes and fighting we get one moment of pure romance – that upside down kiss! The rain is pouring, Spidey is upside down hanging from a fire escape after he just saved Mary Jane and she kisses him as he hangs there. It’s romantic, and from what we’ve told not exactly easy to do. And where was it filmed? On the busy street set on the Warner Brothers Lot – just like any other busy scene you’ve seen in their shows and films that have a lot of brick buildings and fire escapes. You’ve seen this street a lot in Friends and other shows – but this fire escape itself, that is the location of that kiss that made fans melt.

Do You Want to Buy a Gremlin?

Gremlin's Filming Location

If you grew up in the 80’s and 90’s there’s no doubt you saw Gremlins, and it’s subsequent sequels. Depending on how old you were, the movies either were some of your favorite or they terrified you (I may be in the later category). But the story all starts when Sam buys a Mogwai named Gizmo and the stairs he goes down to the basement shop to get him? Right off the city street set there on the Warner Brother’s lot! Where do those stairs go now? We’re not really sure, but may venture down them next time to find out!

Be on the look out for the animated series The Secrets of Mogwai coming soon from Warner Brothers as well!

Walk Down the Same Streets as Blade

Blade Filming Location

Long before the MCU blew up and super heroes took the theaters by storm we had Blade. Arguably one of the least family friendly comic book heroes, and the first African American one that made it to the screen. But this Vampire that can walk in the day light did so right down this street on the Warner Brother’s lot. The studio tour will take you right past this city street and should point out the iconic buildings used for the movie and other films as well.

Lakeside Dining like in Million Dollar Baby

Million Dollar Baby Restaurant Location

Do you remember the lake side restaurant in Million Dollar Baby? It lives on the Warner’s Brother lot too. The lake is actually a water tank that can be filled and used when needed and drained when not – and the building looks a lot smaller in person.

What’s on the other side of that “lake”? From the other side, the other side it’s actually the swamp from True Blood and you can find the building for Merlotte’s Bar and Grill. What a useful little pond in the middle of “The Jungle” there on the lot!

You’ll be amazed at just what else you’ll find on the Warner Brother’s lot, including the set of The Big Bang Theory, Friends, Central Perk, Fuller House and a lot more. You can get lost in the the different sets and the memories of what else was filmed there.

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