Fitlosophy: Fitbooks Help Your Whole Family Meet their Fitness Goals

fitbook review

fitbook reviewWe all have fitness goals in mind, but sometimes being able to visualize those goals is hard to do. And it is especially hard for the younger members in the household. This is where Fitlosophy and their Fitbooks come in handy. We were sent a selection of their new Fitbooks and Fitbook Juniors to check out, each with it’s own pen and app access code included.

fitbook reviewFitbooks are a 12 week fitness goal book, inside it gives you places to log how much food you ate, the nutrition pulled in, the amount of activity you did that day as well as goals you may have. Fitbooks allow you to visualize your progress, and gives you the opportunity to give yourself small and large goals as well as rewards. Each book comes with its own pen that fits easily inside the spiral binding and access to the online app that helps you see why it’s important to make the changes you’re trying to do.

fitbook reviewThey say that if you can do any activity for 4 weeks, it will become a habit instead of a chore. The twelve week plans by Fitbook help you make habits of healthy life styles, and how to treat yourself when you reach your goals. Inside you’ll find encouraging words places for you to make changes as needed. The Fitbook is great for adults who are looking for a change, and Fitbook Junior┬áis great for ages 5-13, and leaves places for their coaches to add in notes for improvement as well. It’s time to make a change and reach those health goals, and it’s easy to do with Fitbooks!

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