Couponing Haul

First Big Haul

Couponing Haul
Last week I did my first couple couponing shopping trips- nothing huge a few things here or there. This week I went on my first big couponing trip. 4 detergents, 2 hand soaps, 3 tide stain release, 3 bandages, one creamer, 4 deodorants, 4 laundry detergents, 3 mens razors, 2 boxes of pads and some candy to help the coupon ratios. Total Retail for this haul is $189.29. Out of pocket was $42.22 – $9 mail in rebate and $4 Rite Aid +Up Rewards = $30.22 or around 85% off! That is a pretty good first round.
I did wind up going back later and getting more razors- unfortunately they stopped the rolling rewards so I paid for them all out of pocket ($6.48 each) and walked out with $20 Walgreens rewards to use next week. I also took advantage of 2 more detergents and some Ivory soap for $2.00 to take to my sister. I’m extremely happy with this major trip out!

Part of this weeks trip included two Method Soaps. I joined their “People Against Dirty” a while back and was sent two FREE products! We have been using Method for at least 5 years in our house- unfortunately it’s getting harder to find a good selection of their products. I will write a review about the products when we start to use them!

What’d you find out there this week?

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