Finding Your Sweet Spot For Sleeping with a Nectar Mattress

nectar mattress review

nectar mattress reviewA good night’s sleep is what is required to be successful every day, but it’s one of the things that people struggle with every night. And let’s face it – not everyone has the same sleep needs. Despite being together for over ten years, my boyfriend and I have very different ideas of what we need to sleep at night. I moved in with an extra firm mattress and he came to the table with a firm with a pillow top. I can easily sleep on a hard surface with little padding, and yet he wants a soft mattress to sink into at night. Finding a mattress that fits both of our needs has become a multi-year search to find one that fit our needs and budget.

nectar mattress reviewWhile we were looking for a new mattress, most of the time we were looking at spring coil mattresses. The main reason – it’s what we’re use to. But finding one that would be soft on one side and firm on the other is virtually impossible without taking out a huge loan and adding technology to the bed that, frankly may not be needed. In the past couple of years, there has been a surge of memory foam mattresses on the market, and the only experience I had with them was with original memory foam mattresses from when they first came out – and let’s admit it – they were too soft and you would sink through. So when Nectar Sleep sent us one of their mattresses to review, it was slightly a leap of faith that this mattress would fit what we needed but with their 365 day testing policy – we had to give it a try!

nectar mattress reviewWhen your Nectar Sleep mattress first arrives it’s in a big blue tube. This makes it easier to ship, move and you can easily carry a King size mattress in the back of a medium sized SUV. Inside the big blue tube is another zipper bag that has handles – this bag makes it easy to move the mattress in place in your room and can be reused later. It is a huge bag without the mattress in it, and I haven’t figured out what exactly I’m using it for later – but it is a great bag to hang on to! can assist you a lot concerning mattresses, its bag, protector, bed frame and many other issues.

nectar mattress reviewTo get your bed set up, just unzip the bag and remove the outer bag. Inside you’ll find your mattress shrink wrapped tightly into a tube. Instructions come in the bag and is actually in the plastic of the mattress as well. Remove the outer bag and slide the mattress up to where it should go. All you have to do now is remove the outer plastic wrapping and let your bed expand. Don’t worry – Nectar provides the only tool you will need to open your bed – essentially a letter opener! Slide it up the plastic and you will instantly see your mattress take shape.

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nectar mattress reviewThe last steps to setting up your Nectar Mattress? Pull the plastic out from under your mattress and let it expand. Set up is easy, only takes a few minutes and is a lot easier than wrestling a traditional mattress. Your Nectar mattress will expand pretty quickly, but we still gave ours a couple hours to fully “fluff” up before we made the bed. There is a low off gassing smell that will dissipate over the first couple days. We didn’t find the smell too bad that we weren’t able to sleep on the bed the first night.

nectar mattress reviewNectar’s memory foam mattresses are considered some of the most firm on the market, so that instantly calmed my fears that it wouldn’t be supportive enough for me at night. When you push your hand into the mattress it has some give but you can feel it pushing back at you. However, sitting on the Nectar mattress is an interesting experience at first since you sink down quite a bit.

nectar mattress reviewOur Nectar mattress came with two memory foam pillows as well, which made for a complete transition to a memory foam bedroom. Our first night with the Nectar mattress we both walked into the room and were shocked at the size of the mattress. It had fully expanded into a 10 inch mattress in the short time since we set it up. The real test however was how we would sleep on the bed at night.

nectar mattress reviewThe change to a memory foam mattress was easy for us, but might be a little harder on our cats. One cat refused to sleep on the bed for the first couple nights, but the other happily jumped up on the bed and has claimed it as her own. The transition overall has been easy, and I’ve found that the Nectar mattress cradles me at night giving me the support I need. Unlike the old coil mattress I had, Nectar doesn’t hit pressure points and I’m not waking up with a sore back in the middle of the night. And my boyfriend sleeps comfortably on his side without complaints of the bed being too hard for his back.

We didn’t think we’d fall in love with a memory foam mattress, but Nectar has made sleeping easy each night and fits the needs of everyone in the family. With a 365 Night Trial, Free Shipping & Returns, Forever Warranty it’s easy to see why people are finding their sweet spot sleeping with Nectar Sleep.

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  1. I’m on week two with my nectar on an adjustable frame. I love it. The pillows are great too. The way it distributes weight is amazing. Soft but firm, if that’s a thing. I am a big guy – 350 lbs and I have sleep apnoea. I haven’t slept this well in a very long time! I know there is a lot of “dont buy, it’s made in China” reviews, but speedy delivery, great product, and full-night sleep says differently. Go get one.


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