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dear mama

dear mamaAs a woman in today’s society we wear a lot of hats. We’re daughters, sisters, mothers, friends, employees, grandmothers – the list can go on and on. Finding that balance between what society expects us to be, what our lives demand of us and we want to be can conflict a lot. We need to reach inside, find that strength within and push through to make it all happen.

I’ve been watching my friends for years as they raise their kids, and how quickly their lives change. I’ve watched them lose their identities and sink them completely into their family. Now, let me say that family always comes first and it’s a major priority for me as well. But dear Mama, do you remember the girl you use to be? The one who talked to adults and watched more than cartoons for preschool aged children? Do you remember the last time you had a girls night? Or that you did something just for you?

I’m not saying abandon your family, or to forget your responsibilities. But I’m saying to remember that you too are a responsibility. Taking care of yourself and being who you are meant to be should still be a goal. Your kids are your top priority, but you should be one for yourself too. Set a goal, find that voice you buried long ago and find out who you are suppose to be. Yes, you’re still a sister, a mother and a friend – but you’ll be happy with the results. Yes, the balance is hard, but it’s one you will be happy you did.
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