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Finding My Place #behindthebloggers

where do i belong hopWhen I graduated high school I had everything planned out. I knew what I wanted to do with my life, where I was going to college and even when I’d be done having kids. The laugh about all of this is, life never lets you do things on your time. For me, it was only a couple years before my life started down a different path and in a few more down the path I’m on now. I don’t think I’d ever go back to change how things played out, but it has often made me question where I belong.

Right out of high school my major for college was elementary education. I had a dream of being a teacher since I was in third grade. But I changed my major to Biochemistry Molecular biology before the first day. I planned on going pre-med and even through med school. But after two years of science at State, I felt my brain melting and me questioning what I really wanted to do. I can still tell you a lot about science, genomes and way too much about classes I somehow barely passed. While the classes where all logical and on paper made sense, to me they didn’t make sense – my brain was wired differently. And despite never taking an art class in school before, it wasn’t long before I released that the arts were my passion.

I’ve always loved art, theater, music – but putting pen to paper and drawing, never sparked my interest. It wasn’t until playing in classes at the local community college I found that I was not only creative, but I was damn good at it. I took classes in religion, art history, Native American studies and found that beyond the logical and analytical side of me was someone who had a thirst for this knowledge and wanted to learn a lot more. It’s that passion that is still in me and I constantly find myself drawn to learning more and indulging in my creative side.

After finding Interior Design through one of the basic classes and spending a whopping seven years in design studios to get my Masters, the only thing I wanted was to practice restaurant and hotel design. I had found my passion and worked hard to get the degrees to go along with my new plan – Get the degrees, work in a firm, teach and eventually open my own business. Then I graduated. Then the market crashed. I was left with four degrees, no job and crippling student loan debt (that I still have today).

If you graduated high school in the early 2000’s, you’re probably relating a lot to that last part. We’re this lost generation that is over educated, under employed and constantly remaking ourselves to survive. I found myself opening my own business three weeks after I finished my Masters program and haven’t looked back. I have been working in the design industry doing small offices and businesses – I have yet to do the the restaurant or hotel of my dreams. But I at least get to do something creative. The majority of my clients have been graphics and website clients, and a few other odds and ends.

But even after this journey, I still ask Where Do I belong? I’m a designer at heart, an educator in the design industry because I love it and love shaping future designers, I build websites and do graphics, I blog and sometimes I disconnect and you can find me in the dirt. I’m still finding my place in this world, but I know that I’m on the right path. However, if you can’t find me – I may be on my back patio sipping a spiked drink, or even at the beach with my feet in the sand.

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