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Find Your own Style with Items from eBay!

ebay product reviewWhen you first move into a house, it’s always seems to take some time to make the place your own. We were lucky to find a house with the major repairs and upgrades done for us already, but we’re still working on adding our style to the house to make it our own. As a designer I need a break from all of the browns and blacks that are happening, and want to add color, a geeky touch and some fun in our spaces. Thankfully this Spring eBay sent me four different items to test out and help us get our home right where we want it to be!

ebay product reviewWith the weather warming up, one of my first areas I’m working on this year is setting up our patio. The house came with a fantastic 800 square foot patio that is great for entertaining. I’m adding pops of color, fun accessories and more (there will be posts on these additions coming soon). But having an 800 square foot patio in direct sun means we also need a way to protect our guests from the sun. The first item eBay sent was a 10 foot Offset Cantilever Patio Umbrella. These umbrellas normally range from the $150-200 price point, but I found this one on eBay for under $80! It was a steal perfect for the far end of our space. With a quick assembly of the base, I had the umbrella set up and put together in under 10 mintues. With a quick crank of the arm, I can have the shade I need and sit and enjoy the outside without baking directly in the sun. The patio umbrella adds another fun pop of color, and is going to be perfect for our upcoming parties we’re already planning.

ebay product reviewOne of the first things we purchased when we moved into this house, was a new gas grill to advantage of our ultimate party patio. With the grill we also purchased a grill cover, unfortunately the grill cover didn’t survive this past winter. That left our new grill exposed to the elements. So the next item on our list was getting a better grill cover that can stand up to the weather and protect the investment in our grill. We selected the Deluxe Waterproof 600 Denier Patio Gas BBQ Grill Cover in large.

ebay product reviewImmediately when opening the grill cover packaging, I found that the material was much thicker than any of the ones I found at the Hardware store. The thicker material was heavy and not a cheap plastic I was use to seeing. The back of the grill cover has a vented area and the sides cinch in with Velcro bands. I was shocked at the quality of the grill cover for only $28, compared to the plastic covers at the same price as store. It’s perfect to protect the grill from weather can range from rain to snow in the same day.

ebay product reviewInside the home we’re still working on setting up our living room and spaces how we want. I’m always traveling for the blog, and I have a steady flow of flash drives coming in from brands. After a yearly conference I started to keep them in a large baggie in my office. Since I tend to get some in fun shapes and colors, I had joked for a long time about getting a fillable lamp that I could place them in. So I selected a clear glass fillable lamp to use on our side table. The lamp replaces an old halogen lamp that we hated and could add some fun to our living room area.

ebay product reviewThe Glass Fillable Lamp came with everything in one box, except of course the light bulb. Included in the box was the glass base, the lamp shade, instructions and two boxes of shells. Most people get these lamps to add to a beach style decor, but I set the shells aside for another project. Instead, I unscrewed the bottom and dumped in some of the flash drives in. Once the bottom was put back on, I set the lamp up and put the lamp on our new side table. The lamp was a bit smaller than I had first thought it would be, but it currently holds around 100 flash drives inside. Our friends laughed at the contents of the lamp and it’s instantly a conversation piece.

ebay product reviewSince not all of our friends and family are close, we wanted a way to connect with them through our home theater system. We had been searching for webcam to turn our system into a way to use Skype and do video calling. We found a Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 on eBay that had high reviews and worked well with our system. The Logitech HD Pro Webcam plugged in with a USB and was installed and working within a few minutes. Once Skype was running we did a quick microphone check and were able to place our call to our friends.

ebay product reviewThe webcam isn’t huge or take up a lot of space or bother you when you’re watching TV. It has an easy clamp that makes it fit on any computer or TV screen without any tools and is perfect for placing web calls, or even recording video for the website.

All of the items that eBay sent us arrived within a couple weeks and were brand new in box. I’ve been a huge fan of using eBay to get small things here and there, but I was pleased to see that everything we were sent was brand new, and fit what we were trying to do with our new home. The variety of items made it almost too hard to choose what we wanted, but we found the perfect items for our home.

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