Find Your New Favorite Variety with the Wine A Day Calendar

A Year of Good Wine Calendar Review

A Year of Good Wine Calendar Review

Wine is one of our favorite drinks to pair with meals, to sip and enjoy or to go to tastings for. There are thousands of different wines to try, so many that you could a new variety every day for a few years and never repeat. But wine is a fascinating drink on its own, and just the process it goes through to become wine can intriguing.

A Year of Good Wine Calendar ReviewNow, with a page a day calendar you can have A Year of Good Wine. Each day remove a page, learn more about a new wine you may never had, the history of wine and facts you can impress your friends with. Each day is filed with more than one fact and it is the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life.

Just starting to learn about different wines? This calendar will help you learn about new varieties for you to try and enjoy.

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About A Year of Good Wine: 

From Karen MacNeil, “America’s missionary of the vine” (Time magazine), A YEAR OF GOOD WINE is like a lively, year-long wine course in a calendar. Adapted from the New York Times bestselling The Wine Bible, with 650,000 copies sold, it features recommendations for the best bottles from around the world, tasting notes, in-the-know wine facts, mouth-watering recipes, and more. Discover Loire-valley French whites, like Sauvignon Blanc, which has an herbal, lime-scented freshness. Try pairing a crisp grüner veltliner with grilled fresh asparagus for a light summer dish. Plus tips on spectacular bottles within a budget, wine horoscopes that match each sign with the right wine, and an Ask Karen section—Q&As that address wine queries and curiosities.

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