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club pilates rochester review


club pilates rochester reviewWe all have our own preferred work out routines, and for me mine has always been Yoga. I’m not a high impact work out person, or one that likes to run until you sweat up a storm. I prefer gentle work outs, and that’s why Pilates has always seemed scary to me. With a studio filled with equipment that looks foreign and a bit scary. Any time I heard of people doing Pilates, the work out seemed hard and intense.

club pilates rochester reviewSo when I was invited to try out a class at Club Pilates, while I was a bit hesitant, I was interested to try it out. Club Pilates offers not only large class times but has a smaller room in the back where you can take one on one classes for privacy or want to work with a trainer. With a small shop in the front, area to change and a place to keep your items while you’re working out.

club pilates rochester reviewIf it’s your first Pilates class or twelfth you can get everything you need at Club Pilates, from work out pants, bags, shirts, gripping toe socks and even water bottles. The shirts are so cute you’re going to want to wear them out on the town on a regular day, and extremely soft.

club pilates rochester reviewSo how was the first class doing Pilates? Not as scary as I thought! It actually wasn’t as high impact as I had been told, which could be our instructor took it easy on us since we were a beginner class. But each step she walked step of the work out and the movements were small and intentional. After the work out, I was able to leave the class and didn’t feel completely run over. Over the next couple days I did feel the impact of the work out in my core and felt it in almost every movement.

club pilates rochester reviewAfter the class I found a new appreciation and love for Pilates, so much so I’ve actually signed up for classes. Despite the fear of taking the classes, I’m happy to find a place that makes Pilates fun and in a great atmosphere.

You can find Club Pilates at:

131 S Livernois Rd, Rochester Hills, MI 48307

Find a Club Pilates location near you and to make an appointment, check out their website.


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