Pound Puppies Puppy Love DVD

Find the Right Puppy to Love in Pound Puppies: Puppy Love

Pound Puppies Puppy Love Review
Love is in the air for everyone – even the Pound Puppies! In their new DVD collection Puppy Love, you go on new adventures as they find loving homes for our favorite Puppies! We’re huge fans of the Pound Puppies, so when Shout Kids sent us a copy to review we knew it’d be perfect for Valentine’s Day!Pound Puppies: Puppy Love is all about finding the right person for the puppies and the right puppy for that person. And as an added bonus for older Pound Puppy fans, some of the characters in the new episodes are voiced by people we know from shows we watch every day, or even grew up on.

The cast includes Betty White, Nicole Brown, Eric McCormack and Jim Parsons. Just imagine your favorite actors doing the voices in the new cartoons! As you enjoy the shows with your little ones you can enjoy the show not only for the heart warming stories, but some of the great comedians we know and enjoy on TV.The DVD has five new animated episodes included as well as a printable Valentine you can share with your friends, pets or family. Episodes include:

  • Toyoshiko! Bark Friend Machine
  • McLeish Unleased
  • The General
  • When Niblet Met Giblet
  • Rebound’s First Symphony

Each episode is fun and full of love for the puppies that need homes and their adventures together. Pound Puppies: Puppy Love has a total run time of around two hours and is now available on Amazon and in stores near you. You can check out a clip from Toyoshiko the Robot Dog below:

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