national geographic kids books

Find the Perfect Books For Your Kids from National Geographic Kids

national geographic kids books
Growing up as a book worm, some of the best gifts came filled with information, stories and facts that would fill my young mind. There were so many things I wanted to learn about, and still are, but books are still some of my favorite gifts to give. With my nephew being in third grade, he’s just as much of a book worm as I was and my sister was. With an inquisitive mind, it’s hard to narrow down a topic for books, and thanks to National Geographic Kids Books, this year we don’t have to.

national geographic kids booksNational Geographic Kids sent us four of their books for the holiday season: Weird But True! Christmas: 300 Festive Facts to Light Up the Holidays, Ultimate Dinopedia, Bet You Didn’t Know: Fascinating, Far-Out, Fun-tastic Facts, Just Joking Jumbo. All of the books are perfect for his age group, and even are great for kids up to 12. Inside you’ll find facts, tidbits and unique things they don’t always teach kids in school.

While we love all of the books and the fact that they’re educational – probably one of our favorites is the Just Joking Jumbo Book. It is loaded with 1000 kid friendly jokes, and they’re not the ones they’ll hear every day on the playground. Of course they are sometimes groaners, but you can be assured they’re kid and family friendly.

With a variety of educational titles, National Geographic Kids is a great way to fill up stockings, or under the tree for the inquisitive mind in your family.

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