Find the Clues and do a Bar Crawl in a Haunted House at Hush This Year

Hush Haunted Attractions Secret Sips

This year, your haunted house experience is being elevated. It’s not just walking through a scary rooms filled with ghosts, goblins and things that go bump in the night – instead Hush Haunted Attractions is offering guests a more mature night out with their Secret Sips experience with hidden bars and speakeasies inside their haunted house.

We were invited by HUSH Haunted Attractions to explore their haunted house and check out secret sips and scares for an all-new secret bar program with Michigan’s very own award-winning haunted house. Hidden throughout the mysterious three-part haunted house, are three secret bars including Voodoo Blues, Expedition Base Camp, and Von Rose Distillery. Each location offering guests a different experience and cocktail selection. Find your way through the haunted house, interact with different monsters and ghouls to find the clues and into these unique bar locations. The current bar locations are temporary, but have the possibility of becoming full bar locations after the spooky season has finished for the year.

@week99er Last week we got a sneak peek at @hushhaunt new Secret Bar Program exploring 3 hidden Spooky speakeasies inside the haunted house. Be sure to check out this unique experience this Halloween season #hauntedhouse #hushhauntedattraction #hiddenbars #spookyseason ♬ A somewhat creepy and sad atmosphere music box – MoppySound

Ticket holders are granted access to the secret bars through a branded token, which are acquired by interacting with monsters and characters, and also by looking for clues on social media. Guests that do not want to miss the secret bar experience can add-on to their tickets with the V.I.P. Bar Creep Pass (limited quantities available per night). For those select guests who are able to successfully decode the treachery and trickery laid upon them, HUSH’s secret bars will offer a small menu of spell-binding specialty cocktails and spooks. Guests must be 21+ years of age to enter secret bars. Be sure to visit the final bar location on the way out for an added surprise as part of your V.I.P. Bar Creep Pass.

After your haunted house and bar experience is over, guests will exit Hush through the all-new Legendary Axe, a one-of-a-kind axe throwing establishment with amazing food and beverage selections in a uniquely-themed environment. The menu includes foodie-favorites including super-sized bacon and cheddar Lumberjack Tots, exceptional Expedition Nachos, and kickin’ Korean Chikin Sliders. Legendary Axe will be open on select days throughout the five week run. 

HUSH Haunted Attraction will open for select dates from September 30th through November 6th. General admission tickets start at $19.99 USD. For more details, tickets, and hours visit

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3 Immersive Bars, 1 Haunted House, Endless Sips and Scares

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