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social rx review

social rx review

No one wants to be sick, but it happens to all of us. A trip to the doctor usually results in prescriptions and other expenses. If you’re like me, and like a large percentage of Americans – insurance may not cover your prescriptions and it’s a huge out of pocket expense. Most doctors will point you to a pharmacy that is cheaper, but unless you spend a ton of time calling different stores or pharmacies you don’t know if you’re really saving the most money. Now, with the power of our cell phones you can search for the lowest price on prescriptions with SearchRX, a new app on iOs and Android that can save you time and money.

SearchRX is a free app you can download and with no additional fee. The app brings up coupons for different prescriptions and you can save even more than what you would with insurance and copays. You don’t need to have insurance to use SearchRX and the coupons. But if it’s cheaper you can use the SearchRX coupon instead of your insurance – they have to be used independently from insurance plans. With SearchRX you can save up to 75% off your prescriptions and can be used at over 62,000 pharmacies. On average, Americans spend $1300 on prescriptions a year. With over 10% of Americans uninsured and another 10% with extremely high deductibles, SearchRX can help you fight against rising deductibles.

This up and down weather brings with it cold and flu symptoms – you may have noticed them around the office. And with strep throat running through the schools, you need one less thing to worry about, and the cost of medication will be a big help. Stop overpaying at your pharmacy or making calls to find the cheapest prescription with SearchRX. I love how easy it is to find the cheapest place to find my prescription while I’m waiting on my paperwork and checking out at the doctors.


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