Find Synergy with Beautiful Pearl Necklaces from Wendy Mignot

wendy mignot pearl necklace review

wendy mignot pearl necklace reviewThere’s always something about pearl jewelry that draws you to it. The naturally occurring gemstones are beautiful, hard to come by and can easily take your outfit from day to night. Just touching the smooth texture of a pearl you can feel the life that created it and the beauty of the stone.

wendy mignot pearl necklace reviewPearls have always been some of my favorite jewelry, although I only tend to wear them for special occasions. They can be elegant on their own, or paired with other stones and materials. Of all of my pearl pieces, I had never thought of pairing the stones with smooth leather cords. But when I was sent a fresh water pearl Synergy necklace from the Wendy Mignot collection, I could easily see the appeal of the two materials together.

wendy mignot pearl necklace reviewBefore even getting to the necklace, the packaging the necklace came in was a great presentation. From a great thank you letter, a storage bag, a bumper sticker, shea butter and a certificate of authenticity. I appreciated the amount of effort put into the set up, and especially the bag since pearls should be cared for and kept in bags so they don’t tarnish with age.

wendy mignot pearl necklace reviewBut the Synergy Fresh Water Pearl necklace was the real show stopper. A large rose colored pearl is the center piece surrounded by six white fresh water pearls. The leather strings secure around a white oblong pearl, while two others hang from the center stone. The overall design is simple but elegant, and could go with a beautiful dress or with your jeans on a day out.

All of the jewelry pieces in Wendy Mignot’s collection use pearls and leather strings and other natural materials. The pieces range in price from $75 to a special exclusive Tahitian Salt Water Pearls in the several thousand price range. Their is something in the collection for everyone in different price ranges. But each piece puts you a little closer to nature with these beautiful jewelry pieces.


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