honey bear music box

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honey bear music box

If you’re like me, whenever you think of a music box you think of a box a literal box that opens up and plays music. That is the most traditional type of music box, and while that is nice – it’s not for everyone. I love music boxes that are more personalized and ones that are more fitting for everyone’s taste. That’s why I fell in love with (more than) one on Papyrus’ website.

honey bear music boxYou’ve probably noticed by now that we love honey in our house, with our own bee hive and love using honey in our own recipes. So when Papyrus sent us their Bear in Honey Pot Wooden Music Box we fell in love with it completely. The Honey Pot music box features a wooden bear sitting happily in a a pot of honey with a splash of honey coming out of the side and a happy bee sitting on top.

Besides being absolutely adorable, the music box is is perfect for our home. You twist the bear in the pot and he spins around in happiness while Lover’s Concerto plays through the music box. It’s is perfect for honey lovers and for people who love bears.

Papryus has music boxes that feature fairies, elephants and even favorite locations. They’re unique and a wonderful gift.

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