Find an Ocean Full of Friends with Splashlings

splashings review

splashings reviewI think it all started with Polly Pockets and Micro Machines when we were kids, small toys you can collect and play with. In the past few years there has been a huge┬ásurge of mini-sized toys that are taking kids by storm. You can find them for pretty much any time of thing you like, and now there is another fun option on the market – Splashings. They’re small toys you can collect, play with and they show a lot of fun creatures you may find in the sea!

splashings reviewWe were sent a 1st Wave package of Spashlings and three of the small blind bags packed with underwater fun. The Splashing packs include one mermaid and a few of their aquatic friends. It also has one large shell with a special hidden friend inside. Each Splashing mermaid or friend has a place you can set it on a peg so it’ll stand upright on the inside of the shell without assistance.

There are over 100 different Spashlings you can collect including Mermaids, Splashings, Shells, Ocean Gems, Treasure Pets, Fin Friends, Swell Shells, Hip Flops, Wiggles and Fash Fish. Each is an adorable aquatic friend your child will love. The toys are made out of a soft plastic, and could actually go in the water, but since they’re small enough to lose it wouldn’t be the primary place to play with them. They’re a lot of fun for pretend play, and I can easily see Splashings taking off like other small collectibles!

splashings reviewDue to the size of the toys, Splashings are recommended for ages 5 and up. Our mermaids tail did come off, but other than that all of the other other toys were fully formed pieces, and as long as your child doesn’t chew on items you should be ok to give them to younger kids. Of course that always will depend on your child!

You can find Splashings online, but the blind bags are exclusively at Toys R Us!


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