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real purity product review

real purity product reviewAs we spend more time outside and the weather warms up, I’m always focusing on how to take better care of my skin and my body. But the increase in products usually means an increase in chemicals being put on my skin or hair. Thankfully over the last several years, more natural products have been coming into the market. And as each year passes, these products have been getting better and becoming serious contenders for the main stream brands.

real purity product reviewReal Purity has a line of all natural products that isn’t just for skin care, but also makeup and perfumes as well. Their mission is to strive for quality, functionality and products that their customers really want. Real purity sent me a large collection of their products to try out and see if I would make the switch. We were sent everything from face wash, toothpaste, sun screen, natural pain relief spray, travel kits and perfume. The selection is huge and so were the results.

One of the first products I tried was the Paba sunscreen. The Paraben and aluminum-free sunscreen using the natural properties of the Paba to block out UV Rays, while Safflower seed oil helps the lotion go on smoothly. At first I was a little hesitant about the texture, but the lotion went on smoothly and helped me through my garden work without a burn. I still re-applied like traditional sun screen, but I love the natural nature of the product and the smell was nice as well. The sun screen doesn’t leave you with any oily residue or greasy feeling after application either!

real purity product reviewAs much as I travel, finding a travel product I like that wont strip my hair of the oils in it, or the color is harder than you’d think. I tend to pack my own products no matter where I go. On my most recent travels, I took the unscented travel kit with me. The first note I had was there is still a scent- it’s soft but there is a citrus smell that goes with the shampoo and condition. After using the shampoo, I found that my hair was extremely clean but would be hard to work with without using a conditioner – something I don’t always use. But after using the companion conditioner, any knots or tangles slid out within seconds of using the product. Unfortunately the next day, I found I had to re-wash my hair (something I tend to do every over day for the color and natural oils). However the products are great for being on the go and ones I would use again.

So far, I’ve loved each of the Real Purity products I’ve tried out – and the fact that they’re not loaded with toxins. They’re a great alternative to other items that are on the market, and ones that I will continue to get as I make the transition to more natural products for our home.


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