Fill Your Space with Style and Spice with Vim + Vigor Candles

vim and Vigor candle review

Sometimes the best products can be made from reusing others. Born from the need to figure out what to do with half burned candles, Vim + Vigor Candles brings a more eco-friendly approach to the candle world, bringing beautiful decor ideas to the table long after your candle has burned all the way down.

vim and Vigor candle review

Packaged in beautiful copper, stainless steel or natural wood containers, the Vim + Vigor candles are made with soy wax and unique scent combinations. Providing a clean scent that fills your space with warmth. The scent combinations all have a soft note paired with a more robust deeper smell. As you burn the candle the smells both compliment each other as well as come through independently at times.

The hand poured candles look stunning on a shelf even when they are not burning. But when they are lit, the glow of the candle adds to the space as well.

vim and Vigor candle review

Besides the unique scents and the eco-friendly approach to the products – Vim + Vigor candles are a beautiful statement piece and gift idea. Their bright copper candle holders are great on their own, but with the warm glow a flame they bring an incredible warmth to a space. Plus they’re fantastic to re-use in your own space after the candle is done inside. But one of our favorite parts is the lid, you can use it to quickly snuff out the candle and not worry about it burning long after you’re done enjoying it. It’s a small and simple features but one we absolutely enjoy.


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