Fill Your Baked Goods with Ease with Baker’s Advantage

Baker's Advantage Fillables Review

Baker's Advantage Fillables Review

It’s that time of year where I spend more time in the kitchen than any other room of the house. I’m always whipping up different treats for parties, for work and of course for the blog. But every fall I get a tad nostalgic for a treat I had when I was back in college – pumpkin muffins filled with a cream cheese filling. I’ve had mixed results with filling muffins with filling and getting the ratio right. But this year, making the perfectly filled treats was made easier with Baker’s Advantage.

Baker's Advantage Fillables ReviewBaker’s Advantage has created a line of pans that are specifically made for filling with treats and fillings with easy – Fillables. You can find anything from filled bundt pans, mini loafs, cake cups and all different shapes and sizes. Each set comes with two pieces – the top and the bottom, to bake your pieces in. And the top portion can be used as a pan on its own for a smaller cake option. No longer will you have to use a knife to carefully split your cake and remove different portions to add a filling – just bake, fill and enjoy.

Baker's Advantage Fillables ReviewWe were sent a few of the Fillables pan sets to test out, and with the pumpkin muffins in mind I actually went with the mini-loaf pan set to start out with. The top portion is a shallower version of a mini-loaf pan and hte bottom has a well created out of the pan that will be where you can add the filling later. All of the Fillables pan sets are non-stick, but I would suggest still using a baking spray around the tighter areas – as we had some difficulty removing our loafs completely and that is where it got stuck.

Baker's Advantage Fillables ReviewEvery Fillables set is made to hold 1 cake or batter mix, if you fill the wells up to 2/3 of the way. I did find that ours didn’t fill all of the wells and we only got 5 sets out of the mix – but I may have put too much in each section.

To make the mini-loafs follow the direction on the box or the recipe that you’re working with. I used our gluten free Pumpkin Bread recipe for our mini-loafs. Since the pans are a lot smaller than traditional pans, I only baked the halves at 350 for 20 minutes and they came out perfectly.

Baker's Advantage Fillables ReviewAllow your mini-loaf halves to cool for about 10 minutes in the pan and move them to a cooling rack to cool completely. Once they’re completely cool feel free to add candy inside, frosting or whatever filling you want. I went with my cream cheese frosting with a dash of cinnamon spice inside.

The results were mini loafs of pumpkin deliciousness with the perfect ratio of filling to the cake. The loafs are pretty thick so we have to eat them with a fork, but it’s worth it. And the whole process was so quick that my boyfriend actually asked if I was going to start cooking soon – he didn’t know that the little pumpkin cakes were already cooling in the kitchen and would be done shortly. The Fillables pan sets make creating the perfect filled desserts quick and easy. We love that you can use them with any recipe and make your own combinations.

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