Fight Your Aches and Pains with Cannaphyll Lotion

Cannaphyll review

Long days on the computer, or aches and pains from working out – there’s a lot of different ways you can treat those pains that don’t require using medication. One popular way is to use a hemp based product and one that can be applied topically that will be absorbed right where you need or want the treatment.

While testing other hemp based products, one issue I often have found is the amount of smell or fragrance that is still present. It might be from the essential oils they add, or it could be just from whatever is in their product. And then, we were sent Cannaphyll – a naturally infused lotion that uses organic products.

Before we even tried Cannaphyll out, it had already won us over in a few battles. The sleek black jar it comes in fits in seamlessly with our other lotions and doesn’t look out of place. It gives it a high end appearance and it feels high quality the moment you pick it up. But as soon as you open it up you notice something else about it – it is a smooth luxurious lotion that smells lightly floral.

The lotion goes on on smooth, helps keep your hands (or other spots) soft and hydrated. And have an added bonus dose of hemp to help relieve your aches or pains. But what is Cannaphyll?

Cannaphyll review

Cannaphyll is a suite of hemp-infused topical skin care products. With 94% organic ingredients, all U.S. made, the topical infusions are formulated with a proprietary blend of exotic plant extracts to maximum uptake and delivery.

Cannaphyll provides more than 1,000mg premium Hemp Extract per 1 ounce, making it more potent than virtually all other OTC hemp-infused topical creams. Its patent-pending blend of organic phylloceuticals improves endocannabinoid uptake and delivery. Cannaphyll delivers a rapid and powerful response to a broad spectrum of conditions affecting skin, muscles, nerves and joints.

Cannaphyll is jarred in an elegant ultraviolet black glass to protect the purity and integrity of the contents.


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