Fight the Cold and Flu with CVS Products #CVSFightsFlu

cvs cold and flu products
CVS Cold and Flu Products

Cold and Flu season is here. If you’re in the unlucky group, like me, you may have already caught a seasonal bug. My boyfriend brings them home from the office and of course shares with me. But right when we were both feeling down, we got this great care package from CVS!

Inside the box was everything we needed to start to feel better. Cough drops, Vitamin C pills, Daily Gummy Vitamins (that are gluten free- YEAH!), hand cleaner, cough medicine and even cleaning products. Each product has been getting used while we still fight off this cold, and the best part – they’re all CVS brand. We can easily go pick up more at our local pharmacy when we run out.

Like the Gummy Vitamins, I’m very happy to see the CVS brand products are all mostly marked Gluten Free. I don’t have to worry about added in chemicals or bits that will end up making me feel worse later. Instead I can use the products with confidence and know they’ll help me feel better.

The CVS products all game bundled in metal first aid box. So once we clear through this cold and flu season we can safely store our first aid products in the tin. That or refill it with more cold and flu items to help us with the next round.

You can find all of the CVS brand medicines, cleaners and products at your local CVS or on their website. Now is a great time to stock up before you get hit with this year’s cold or flu.

Check out the CVS FLU Infographic for more information about the flu and it’s symptoms below. Stay Healthy this year!

CVS Flu Infographic

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