Fight Ice and Snow with Safe Paw and Traction Magic

snow melt options for pets

snow melt options for pets

Winter is one of those seasons that you either love or hate. For me, after the first snow I’m over the beauty and magic that others see with each falling snowflake. It’s pretty sure, but I’m freezing constantly and have to walk very gingerly whenever I go out. The snow is pretty, but it’s really the ice I dread with every step outside.

This year we’re fighting back with two products that wont hurt our driveway and wont be a problem when we track it in and the cats get near it. We were sent a container of Safe Paw Ice Melter and Traction Magic. Neither are salt based and both are easy to use.

The Safe Paw Ice Melter comes in a shaker container that has two different openings. After clearing the snow and any ice you can you can just shake the Safe Paw on the ground and it will not only melt the remaining ice but give you a safe walk place. The Safe Paw not only provides a safe walking surface for you, but isn’t a toxic chemical that your cats or dog will have problems with if it gets in their system. The only problem we noticed was if it does get tracked in you may notice a bit of a blue color in the water of the melting snow.

Traction Magic however wont melt any snow or ice if you put it down. It’s a clay combination that comes with a small shaking can inside the larger container. It does track in some, but provides a natural way to provide traction for people on your side walks, or even to keep in your car if you get stuck on the side of the road.

Winter may not be our favorite season, but we have the tools to fight back and make sure we’re safe whenever we go out. There’s a lot of ice to deal with over the next few months, and we’ll be fighting back without doing any damage to our porch or drive way.



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